DefDog: There Was a Missile, Fired by Israel, China, or the US, Government is Lying UPDATE 13: FCC Says It Was All A Mistake…

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There was a missile. The missile was intercepted. Then the coverup began. There is no “button” that could be accidentally hit.

There are five fail safe procedures in the Hawaiian Emergency Alert Management System, the last being a two key system such as are present in US missile silos and on US nuclear missile submarines.  Two keys, eight feet apart, requiring two different individuals to simultaneously and positively trigger the alert.

WHO fired the missile, whether it had a warhead, WHO destroyed the missile, and WHY we are not being told the truth all remains to be determined.

Phi Beta Iota: We are reminded of the USS Liberty and the total cover-up by the US Government of that Zionist atrocity. Then you have the Zionist planning and logistics support to 9/11 as executed by Dick Cheney on their behalf. There are multiple sources — but no conclusive proof — pointing to Israel as the source of this missile that was thankfully intercepted. Current discussions of how “undefended” Hawaii is are budget-building exercises — Hawaii and Guam and both bastions of US military strength and US Pacific Command appears to have done very well here.

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Phi Beta Iota: Had this story come out on the same day as the ballistic missile alert that said “this is not a drill,” it would have been much more credible. At this point it is NOT credible but merits inclusion as one of many alternative explanations.  The report is also in contradiction to those who say that there are five safeguard levels and no one  button (or click).

Worker Who Sent Hawaii False Alert Thought Missile Attack Was Imminent

A false ballistic missile alert in Hawaii was sent on Jan. 13 because an emergency worker believed there really was a missile threat, according to a preliminary investigation by the Federal Communications Commission.

The report finds that the false alert was not the result of a worker choosing the wrong alert by accident from a drop-down menu, but rather because the worker misunderstood a drill as a true emergency. The drill incorrectly included the language “This is not a drill.”


Phi Beta Iota: See the viewer comment below which raises the very real prospect that the missile was routine target practice sadly misunderstood by those on alert. We are inclined to think not but this is a dot worth noting.

I lived in kalalau Valley on Kauai next to Barking Sands Air force base and the NASA obseratory for years and I have see them fire ICBM's and then blow them up with laser targeting satelitte System.


Phi Beta Iota: We are not sure we believe this but Dave Janda and Greg Hunter are very serious people so we feel obliged to include this in the evolving post. Discussion of rogue Chinese submarine firing missile and then destroyed by the Chinese Navy, start at 27:00.


Phi Beta Iota: We have received multiple emails suggesting that the various false alarms, not just in Hawaii but in Japan and elsewhere (some covered up) are the work of Chinese hackers. We have no direct knowledge.   That is certainly a possibility. It is certainly possible that there was no alarm activated by a Hawaiian who is being falsely charged, and it is certainly possible that there was no missile, but on balance we continue to believe there is a better than 50% chance that a missile was fired and intercepted and the government continues to lie to us.


From Benjamin Fulford's latest:

“…Elon Musk… Clearly Musk is a major money-laundering channel for all that privately-owned central-bank funny money that has been conjured up recently. It is also important to remember that sources in the Pentagon and the NSA both agree that SpaceX and Musk are the real suspects behind the recent North Korean missile “threat.”

“…we have seen countless attempts by Khazarian mafia cabalists in recent years to set off nuclear weapons and start their “Armageddon,” only to have them stopped each time by often mysterious forces. Our here-now Pentagon sources admit that “the Secret Space Program may have been used to down nuke missiles aimed at Hawaii and Japan and to stop the cabal from leaving earth.”


Let's see….it was a false alarm with no missile.  And now the US is planning to nuke North Korea while slapping on new sanctions at the same time that we  know North Korea did not fire a missile and North and South Korean have agreed to talks?  It would appear Donald Trump is not in charge the USA. There are traitors and liars at the highest level of every US national security agency. If Trump does not clean house he is going to destroy himself along with the rest of us.

US stealth bombers in Guam appear to be readying for a tactical nuclear strike on North Korea

U.S. imposes more North Korea sanctions; urges China, Russia expulsions


Phi Beta Iota: Dr. Michael Salla, among the most authoritative open source observers and chroniclers of the secret space program, has published the below with a video and links. While we are skeptical — very skeptical — of the CIA's paramilitary arm having its own submarines, we do agree that CIA has unlimited off-budget funds (not declared to Mike  Pompeo) from smuggling drugs, guns, gold, cash, and small children for sale, and it is entirely possible that there is a completely off the books “Black” CIA with a “Black” fleet. The article is recommended for a sound alternative account of what might have happened. The article is valuable for pointing out that the Israeli submarines can only launch nuclear cruise missiles, not nuclear ballistic missiles.  We are not certain that negates the possibility of the Israeli's firing the missile — especially if they cannot account for one of their Dophin submarines.

The Secret Navy behind the Ballistic Missile Attack on Hawaii


Phi Beta Iota: Jim Stone, long censored by the Zionists, and arguably one of the best sources on how the Zionists used NSA to create back doors into most business computers (especially those that use Intel chips) that they can use for economic espionage, believes that one of the three Israeli Dolphin submarines is missing and believed destroyed in  the vicinity of Hawaii.  We have no direct knowledge. Original worth a read!  Extract on Israeli Submarine Only.


01 Extraordinary activity yesterday, nine USN anti-submarine aircraft going nuts looking for submarines off East Coast, mobilizing Civil Air Patrol also.

Submarine off NJ/DE/MD Coasts? US Navy Deploys NINE Anti-Submarine Aircraft off East Coast Fearing Sub Missile Launch Against US

02 LtCol Potter (Ret) connects December Q warnings to Hawaii, analyzes safe distance of Clintons in Oahu from actual planned impact of nuclear missile (with prevailing winds protecting them as well).  Start at 25:00.

Deep State Nuclear Attack Thwarted +Video


01 It is clearly established that the North Koreans did not do this and are widely viewed (except by Zionist war-mongers Herberg McMaster and Jared Kushner) as rational actors whose nuclear program is totally defensive.

Why Trump’s North Korea ‘Bloody Nose' Campaign Is a Big Bluff

the U.S. intelligence community has adopted an assessment that the North Korean leader is a careful, calculating decision-maker with no interest in attacking the United States with nuclear weapons. The deputy chief of the CIA’s Korea Mission Center, Yong Suk Lee, even went to the unusual lengths to make the center’s assessment public at a conference in Washington last October.

02 US Navy destroyers on patrol around Hawaii have trained for and demonstrated the capability to take down incoming ballistic missiles.

US Navy shoots down ballistic missile in test

03 There is a possibility the secret space program was used to take out the missile if US Navy destroyers were not in position.

Was a Nuclear Missile Attack on Hawaii Thwarted by a Secret Space Program?

…alternative scenario are photos of a number of UFO’s seen over Hawaii 31 minutes after the second emergency alert. The photos show UFOs that display an advanced technology that may be craft belonging to a USAF run Secret Space Program that has broken away from Deep State control.

Another explanation is that the craft were extraterrestrial in origin and following a decades-long policy of secretly intervening to forestall nuclear weapons incidents, as contended by the author, Solaris Modalis, who provided the photos’ genesis.


From a very reliable citizen in Hawaii

Word here in Hawaii is that a group of tourists and tour guides were on a boat 100 miles off shore Saturday morning around 8 AM when they witnessed what they thought to be an meteor blowing up over the ocean. It was reported on Hawaiian channel 2 but then removed from there website. Rumor is the launch came from an Israel Dolphin 2 submarine. Some college basketball games had a red alert across the screen from US Pacific Command declaring a missile launch in the Pacific near Hawaii.


We now have a new concept, a “Reverse False Flag” where there is a complete cover-up of an atrocity, as in “nothing happened, folks, false alarm, move on.”

Here are two noteworthy videos, see the comments as well.


The other news is that my son told me that people he knows living towards the North Shore saw and tried to video something they saw in the sky with a fire ball at its end. They thought something actually was in the sky.

I’m so glad you put out some news in your blog because some of us are not buying the “story” that were being told.

Mahalo and Aloha,
Kaneohe, HI



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