Jean Marc Manach: NSA Deletes “Honesty” and “Openness” from Its Core Values

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NSA Deletes “Honesty” and “Openness” From Core Values

The Intercept, 24 January 2018

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  Bill Binney and I have agreed that 70% of the NSA budget can be eliminated immediately.  NSA does not have a legislative charter, the President can shut it down and move the surviving 30% to CIA with an Executive Order.

I strongly support both the restoration of integrity and intelligence to CIA and the use of signals intelligence to provide direct daily tactical support to clandestine operations overseas and counterintelligence operations at home (not actually done, a few politicized incidences aside).

It merits comment that buried in the NSA’s database (99% of which has not been processed) are evidentiary materials that would be helpful to the President in re-possessing the $21 trillion stolen from the public via Pentagon — what Jeff St. Claire has called Grand Theft Pentagon.

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