Paul Adams: Zionism in America – Strike 8, Strike 9

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Paul Adams

We could count the 59 missile strike on Syria after an alleged chemical attack, which was never independently confirmed, as Strike 8, but that's water under the bridge now.

Tillerson's recent edict that a) we are going to have permanent military bases in Syria – without ever having been invited there, and b) that Assad has got to go is, in my books, at least, proof positive that the tail is wagging the dog, the tail being Israel. This is all part of destabilizing the Middle East. That's the MO. The long term objective is ‘the greater Israel project' as promised to Moses, etc, which extends from Beirut to Baghdad to the Persian Gulf and across to the Nile, as you are aware. Nothing new here. That would be Strike 8 for me. It's subtle, but essentially it puts our military in harms way as a proxy force for the Zionists (ZioCons) – not the Jews…the Jews have been hijacked.

Strike 9 is also subtle. Here, Israel is using Trump as its mouthpiece on the Iranian nuclear deal and in the demonizing of Iran in general in order to create the animus necessary for a coalition strike on Iran, because both the US and Israel know they can't go it alone against Iran – no way no how – not even jointly, not with Russia backing Iran. So Trump is urging the EU – the World, in fact – to condemn Iran for promoting ‘terrorism' (the irony/gaslighting could not be more stark, given the US track record). In doing so, Trump is no longer the US President, but President of the World, and Israel's patsy. Iran has never invaded nations, and for all its flaws, has not induced regime change around the world as has the US. It may have a botched up theocratic government, but that is none of our business. Let the Iranians take care of it. We have enough problems of our own. It is seeking nuclear weapons, but so what? Pakistan, India, Israel, South Korea, Japan, Turkey all have nuclear weapons as a deterrent. Everyone knows the outcome would be MAD if they were ever used. And what is Turkey – a NATO nation doing in Syria fighting Kurds, who are funded and armed by the US? And today we learn that the Turkish FM demands that the US leave Syria. Not to mention that both the air strikes against the Kurds by Turkey and the delivery of US weapons to the Kurds originate in Idlib. It's lunacy. Iran is protecting Syria, as is Russia, from expansionist Zionist incursions into Syria. Again, the distinction needs to be made between Zionists and Jews. I have nothing against Jews. I love them and admire them. I was almost married to one. Maybe I should to prove the point.

It's this whole notion of using the shiksa USA as its whore to do Israel's bidding that is egregiously obscene. Imagine if the principality of Liechtenstein had sway with our Congress and President (through blackmail or bribery) to do its bidding because it's agenda was to take over Germany. It would be unthinkable.

Even less visible to the naked eye is the US-Saudi Arabia coalition, created long ago to prop the petro-dollar, but now reinforced to new levels in order to create another military prong to combat Iran, when the time comes. This could also qualify as strike 10. But I think there are enough strikes to make the case. 9/11 and the USS Liberty are really all one needs for an airtight argument…no one talks of the dancing Israelis and the van full of explosives that were found post 9/11, the van even had a mural of planes flying into the WTC. The van was owned by an Israeli operated front/moving company, and Marvin Bush was the director of Securacom in charge of WTC security. Don't get me started on 9/11, I have done over 100 hours of research on it. There were no dancing Palestinians in NY, only in Palestine. So for Trump to say that he saw dancing Palestinians, well, you know what he's been coached to say, if he wants to stay above ground. Whatever happened to the 28 pages that incriminated Saudi Arabia in 9/11? Buried.

Paul Adams



Phi Beta Iota: We note with amusement that the Zionists have noticed the new public appreciation for the distinction between Zionism (bad) and Judaism (good). The link below, from the Zionist Consul General in New York, is a clear indication that they are concerned that this distinction, made by Robert Steele across many interviews and in one post, is gaining traction. Remember the USS Liberty!

Dani Dayan, “Anti-Zionism Is Just Anti-Semitism by Another NameNewsweek, 27 January 2018.

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