James Tracy: Parkland Shooting – Top 10 Reasons for Deeper Interrogation

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James Tracy

Over the past several years certain certain US mass shootings receive round-the-clock coverage yet often possess curious features which are ignored and merely accepted “as reported” by less-than-trustworthy corporate media. Bizarre circumstance and the sometimes inexplicable actions of officials, victims, eyewitnesses and would-be culprits give rise to concern that government agencies and news media act in certain ways to embellish some incidents while short-circuiting the dissemination of vital information.

In the flood of information following such heavily-covered tragedies there are sometimes enough anomalies in routine reporting to develop serious cause for concern and  intensified scrutiny. The Marjory Stoneman Douglas mass shooting is one such event. Below is a list and brief discussion of what this author believes to be the most glaring inconsistencies and overall problems evident in information and coverage of the Parkland incident that necessitate further consideration of the overall event.

10 Reasons (List Only) — Read full post for additional text for each reason.

1. Missing Surveillance Video.
2. Scripted Lines?
3. Manufactured Dissent?
4. Experts Speak Out.
5. Reports of Multiple Shooters.
6. Crime Scene Demolition.
7. Abandoned Law Enforcement Protocols.
8. Fight to Establish Official Narrative.
9. FBI Involvement.
10. Antipsychotic Drugs.

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Phi Beta Iota:  We are absolutely persuaded by this write up. Number 6, Crime Scene Demolition, is the new standard first used as a matter of routine following 9/11 — the Zionists spent a full year prior to 9/11 deepening the channel at New York Harbor explicitly to enable the rapid evacuation of the crime scene debris in order to prevent forensic examination — something that Rudy Guliani knew was happening and may have been bribed to ignore.  A trained prosecutor — and insurances companies — know better. There is no question in our mind but that everyone in Broward County, Florida starting with the most senior county officials, is dirty on this one.

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