Rebecca Campbell: Amazon (Predatory Capitalism) Puts Electronic Cowbells on Every Worker — Tracking Every Movement

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Rebecca Campbell

Amazon Patents Ultrasonic Tracking Wristbands To Control Workers

Amazon is seeking to boost worker efficiency through a new set of patents squarely aimed at improving its inventory management system using radio frequency based tracking of a worker’s hand to monitor their performance of inventory tasks.

Phi Beta Iota: We suspect the “true cost” of the electromagnetic pollution upon the workers has not been calculated. In fairness to Amazon there is something to be said for computer-aided human hand-eye coordination, but the bottom line is that this has not been thought through in holistic analytic or true cost economic terms, and most Amazon employees remain underpaid overworked serfs on part time salaries with no benefits — and for this some moron wants to give Amazon billions in taxpayer-funded incentives to come to town?

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