Yoda: The American Experiment Has Failed

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The American Experiment Has Failed

America was a great political experiment for which most of the Founders paid with their lives, and nearly all of the rest were impoverished and died penniless.

At the time warrantless searches, seizures of property without charges being proved, intentional lies used to obtain “general warrants” and imposition of taxes in the single digits were sufficient to compel men to pick up arms and shoot.  Having a Redcoat ball removed from you, if you got shot, meant doing it with nothing more than a belt or two of whiskey for anesthetic and a stick for your teeth so you didn't bite your tongue in half as a result of the surgical pain.  There were no antibiotics either, so if you were shot in the gut your odds of evading a slow and horribly-painful death from septic infection approached zero.

Today we have taxes that total ten times the percentage rate over which the Colonists decided to drive the British from this land.  We have seizures of property that are never returned from people never convicted of anything, and our Attorney General and President fully supports this, exactly as did the King of England.

And now we have proof that our own alleged “Justice Department” intentionally swore falsely before a judge to get a secret wiretap warrant against a US Citizen animated by personal animus toward a political candidate, motivated by money spent by his opponent with said motivation stretching all the way to the top of the other political party and its sitting President.

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