Robert Steele: Autonomous Internet (Combined with CC & OSEE) Will Bury the Deep State and #GoogleGestapo

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

The plan…

Here in Tokyo with Benjamin Fulford as my mentor-guide, I am meeting people who are going to charge the world. Everything Vladimir Putin is talking about — both a post-Western economic paradigm and a post-Google Internet — is being worked on in pieces.

I am especially fascinated by the leaders of the Chinese diaspora that I am meeting, who have direct access to Xi Jinping.

My gift appears to be in providing the comprehensive architecture for the convergence of three major programs that will be rolled out in 2018:

01 a cyber-currency backed by Asian gold;

02 the beginnings of the post-Google Internet focused on taking down Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (Amazon and Google next year); and

03 a global program for sustainable development that starts in Asia pioneering my Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) vision, and then rapidly scales to Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East, and the Americas.

I have agreed to serve on the Board of a new gold-backed crypto currency whose crypto foundation is explicitly intended to scale across the three other modules I have in mind: exchanges, tools, and data-information-intelligence.

At this time is appears that I will be in Tehran and Moscow in March, Europe in April, and Beijing in May, assembling and inspiring a team of geniuses. Let me state for the record that if Donald Trump were to give me the Open Source Agency (OSA) that CIA has opposed for 40 years, I would remain based in the USA serving Donald Trump and the American public first, and the rest of the world second. Since my own government refuses to listen to me, I am going international and will probably be based in Asia.

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