Robert Steele & Ben Fulford in Tokyo — Discussing Deep State, Shadow Governments, False Flag, Fake News, Pedophilia … UPDATE 9: Video D

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Robert Steele and Ben Fulford in Tokyo


Ben Fulford is everything I was expecting and more.  It is truly a pleasure as well as an honor to compare notes with this great man who has a depth of detail on the Deep State and Shadow Governments of the world that I lack.

He is more positive about the Pope and the Rothschilds, both one level down from the progeny of the Caesar's, I am taking that in.

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Ben and I and Ben's crypto wizard have spent more time than I expected talking about crypto, including the forthcoming NanoGold (gold-backed crypto). Below is a key reference, note that Waves comes out of Moscow, not Cornell.  We are putting together a team that includes top minds from China, Iran, and Moscow, the USA is being left behind (Note to Trump: will always put USA first, but you have to invite me since CIA has so successfully marginalized me all these years).  Subscription to Ben's website is just $11 a month, I am a subscriber, I recommend everyone else consider this — it is “ground zero” for good. Ben knows the top crypto minds and will protect their privacy to the death, as will I. I seriously doubt that NSA knows who Satoshi is, but am asking Bill Binney about this now.

White Dragon Society Cryptocurrency Portfolio Update


How to Spot Bitcoin Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto

How the NSA identified Satoshi Nakamoto




Robert Steele with Guy Cihi, serial entrepreneur and CEO of AGS Capital Ltd. Guy has some extraordinary knowledge and learning technology that will be helpful in creating the Earth Intelligence Network and World Brain.


Princess Kaoru Nakamaru, Chair of the International Affairs Institute for World Peace and Donald Trump's Biggest Fan in Japan – “He unified the Koreas and is respected as the first President not controlled by the Illuminati.” She predicts unification of low-cost workers (North) and high-tech knowledge (South) will move rapidly, and US military will be withdrawn from South Korea as part of the deal, with China as the guarantor of no loose nukes.
A Japanese TV interview in English by Ben Fulford with host Chodoin Daikaku (a grand master across multiple domains)


Ben will take questions from those who follow Robert David Steele.  Email your questions to  Limit one per person, limit 25 words per question, at least three will be answered by Ben. We shoot the video where the questions will be answered on Tuesday afternoon so get your questions in before midnight Monday East Coast time.

Benjamin Fulford Reading All the Fake News Approved by the Deep State … “Gotta know what the bad guys are saying.”

Ben rolled out the red carpet. I cannot discuss some of the people I met but suffice to say that a) there is a new mix of crypto, post-Google Internet, and Open Source Everything Engineering that is going to be funded by crypto-coin mega-millionaires and b) senior leaders in China and Japan are being made aware of the possibilities for both a post-Western economic paradigm (open source everything engineering, not something understood by nor desired by Silicon Valley) and a post-Google Internet. Combined with the surrender of the cabal and the inevitable nationalization of all central banks in ASEAN, a new Confederation of Asian States appears to be emerging.

Robert Steele with Khaldon Azhari, President of the Press Club following interview on Zionist control of US national security policies and spending, and Steele's call on President Trump to close all US military bases world-wide, starting in the Middle East.

Note the Iwo Jima photograph.  It is one of the original photographs, given to the club as signed by the photographer. It is in the restricted interview room.

Phi Beta Iota: Anyone who denigrates Ben Fulford is either a paid troll or a moron. See his biography below to understand his decades of connecting to top minds across Asia and the gold community generally.

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