James Fetzer: Parkland School False Flag – 10 Reasons This Was Staged Plus Operaton Hoggwash – The Criminal Parents Media Is Covering Up

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Jim Fetzer

Parkland: Top Ten Reasons we Know it was a Staged Political Event

(1) It was staged in the immediate vicinity of Mar-a-Lago to as a challenge to President Trump:

(2) The timing was exquisite on multiple grounds, which were to benefit the Democratic Party:

(3) The school was named after an environmentalist who opposed draining the Everglades:

(4) The Florida State Legislature was considering broadening concealed-carry laws that day:

(5) The Secret Service came to the campus and changed security protocols two weeks earlier:

(6) A key surveillance camera was removed from the entrance to the freshman building:

(7) Army personnel were directing students not to look at bodies they were concealing under mats:

(8) EMTs were anxious to go in to aid the wounded, but were held back by “law enforcement”:

(9) There were students faking wounds, teachers and doctors lying, and phony student activists:

(10) The father of student activist David Hogg turns out to be an FBI “Crisis Management Specialist”:

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Phi Beta Iota: The Parkland School was without question a false flag. Anyone who says it is not is either stupid or complicit. This is the real problem facing the National Rifle Association: they have neither the brains nor the balls to come out publicly and call Parkland — and all other such events — for what they are: false flag attacks intended to advance the gun confiscation agenda while distracting the public form the persistent atrocity known as the Deep State.


OPERATION HOGGWASH: The Strange Case of Emma’s Enigmatic Parents

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