DefDog: From the Dark Side — Trump Being Manipulated

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1. Trump tweets he is going to pull out of Syria.

2. Within 24/48 hours Gas attack from Assad? or ISIL? (see below photo demonstrating who might have strings in this show: John McCain)
3. Airstrikes from F-15s with Russians believing it to be USA (it was Israel)
4. Mueller applies a post strike squeeze:
Seems like someone [the chosen people] tried to start a war? Then applying pressure afterward to sue for silence? 4-8-2018

Q anon is getting better: (he’s got photos I’ve had for about a year. His Lolita express stuff is about 2 to 2.5 yrs old. It’s been rolling around for a bit. Never knew the girl’s name. Now I do. She’s now a madam of a high class whorehouse. She might want to hide.. if I was a man that wanted to document this… this first link contains a very important name and social media information…) (Lolita express victim named) (the senator from AZ seen hanging out with tango leadership)
I suspect this is pure Kremlin propaganda but it’s still worth a listen the tone always seems to match the mood I’d expect out of them. How do I know? Well, they tell you who a source is (often RU int), this channel is updated constantly and the material ranges from crazy batshit conspiracy stuff to sensible material that makes me wonder how crazy/fooled I might be?
I am just not even gonna comment on the UK assassination plot on the ex-RU spook. Assange has been silenced. Some people discussed extracting him by force…
So, he made some comments suspicious of how quickly RU got pinned for that poisoning.
I’d prefer we avoid WW3. War sucks.
This is the photo I mentioned. Strange bedfellows this guy has, eh? (I sent this before but here it is again.. seems increasingly relevant)

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