Yoda: Movement for a People’s Party

11 Society, Civil Society, Ethics, Government

Thesis (two-party tyranny); Anti-Thesis (People’s Party); Synthesis (People Not Parties).

People’s Party 1.1

Table of Contents Below the Fold

An Economic Bill of Rights 4
Abolishing Corruption and Restoring Democracy 6
Medicare for All 8
Free Public College and Quality Education 9
Strong Unions and Workplace Democracy 10
Clean Energy and Environmental Protection 11
Secure and Transparent Elections 12
Restorative Justice 14
Racial Justice 15
Equal Rights for Women 1 6
LGBTQIA Equality 1 8
Honoring Indigenous Rights 19
Comprehensive Immigration Reform 2 0
Defending Civil Liberties 2 1
Rebuilding and Modernizing Our Infrastructure 2 3
A Fair Tax Code and Thriving Small Business 2 4
Reigning in Wall Street and Promoting Public Banking 2 5
Fair Trade 2 7
A Collaborative and Peaceful Global Community 2 8
Taking Care of Veterans 3 1
Respecting Disability Rights 3 3
Animal Welfare 3 4
Sustainable Agriculture 36
The Promise and Peril of Our Accelerating Technology 39


Phi Beta Iota: Despite showing some promise this group is associated with March for Our Lives which is in turn associated with false flag events that kill people to advance the gun control agenda. They also think Bernie Sanders would be a great candidate in 2020, not understanding that Sanders is totally compromised and would be exposed as a fraud who was complicit in Hillary Clinton’s treason, pedophilia, electoral fraud, and charity fraud. We post this mostly to show that there is a growing segment of the public that clearly understands that the two-party tyranny must be displaced, and that has a lot of good ideas (less gun control and normalizing deviancy) that could be blended into a Trump 2.0 movement.

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