James Fetzer: Sandy Hook False Flag Updates Plus Why Alex Jones Should Win But Might Fold

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Jim Fetzer

Here are some cutting edge reports about matters of great moment::

“Sandy Hook: Not only is ‘Noah Pozner’ a fiction, but his father, “Lenny”, is also a fake

“FACT CHECKERS GET IT WRONG: ‘March for Our Lives’ WAS issued months in advance”

Additional links and comment below the fold.

“New York Times exemplifies ‘Post-Truth Era’ by Declaring War on Sandy Hook Truth”

“FAKE NEWS: New York Times celebrates a Charlottesville Stunt Man, a Shopped Photo and a Crisis Actor (who made her debut in Sandy Hook)”

“Officer Scott Earhardt and The Great ‘March for Our Lives’ Permit Boondoggle”


Sandy Hook: How we Know the Lawsuits against Alex Jones are Malicious

Is Alex Jones about to Betray his Followers and the Conspiracy Research Community?

Phi Beta Iota: Alex Jones appears to be losing his nerve while also lacking in a legal team that is up to taking on the Deep State. Sandy Hook was a false flag operation. If Alex Jones avails himself of expert witnesses including former Marine and PhD James Fetzer, he can win this case. Alternatively, he can allow them to bankrupt him and put InfoWars out of business.  How you fight matters.

See Especially:

Robert David STEELE Vivas, False Flag Attacks: A Tool of the Deep State (Amazon Kindle, Earth Intelligence Network, 2017).

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