Mike Adams: Update on RealVideo — No Censorship — Good-Bye, YouTube….

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I wanted to give you a quick update on REAL.video and the progress we’re making toward the July 4th launch of this Youtube alternative platform for speech and liberty.

If you haven’t already requested a content channel, visit https://REAL.video right now and submit the simple form.

As YouTube censorship continues to accelerate, we’re seeing many thousands of content creators request channels on REAL.video. We plan to approve nearly all of them, starting with pre-launch approvals in June. Because we manually review each account request, we thank you for your patience during this roll out phase as we review and approve thousands of content accounts.

This project is on schedule for a July 4th launch. Once it’s launched, you’ll be able to upload your entire video library without fear of it being censored by the Orwellian tech giants like Google and YouTube.

Upload your entire library where you won’t be censored…

Remember that we actively welcome video content in categories like news and commentary, natural medicine, self-reliance and prepping, firearms and survival, comedy and satire, food and healthy living, science and technology, and much more.

REAL.video is being built to support over one billion video views per month. It has all the features you might expect in a professionally-built video hosting community such as video embeds, adaptive playback on mobile devices, video management, traffic reporting and much more. Most importantly, you won’t be banned just because some “snowflake” finds your videos to be offensive. Our view is that if somebody is “offended” by your video, they don’t have to watch it, right? In fact, we’re going to run contests for “the most offensive video of the week” just to exercise the boundaries of the First Amendment.

In terms of generating earnings from your videos, you can have your own sponsors for your videos, and you can promote them in your video content and the description text. There are many video sponsorship networks actively arranging sponsors for popular YouTube hosts right now, and we anticipate many of those will begin to work with REAL.video channels once we launch. (Your relationship with them is your own business, we don’t get in the middle of that and we don’t demand a cut or anything. You work directly with them.)

In summary, remember that YouTube doesn’t believe you should have a right to speak (or to even exist). They are hoping to overrun society with their twisted brand of authoritarian thought control by banning all forms of speech they don’t like. Obviously, we must join together to halt techno-tyranny and censorship, and one of the best ways to do that is to build and use our own platforms, run by trusted, pro-liberty individuals who genuinely care about protecting the First Amendment.

That’s what REAL.video is all about. Get ready for a revolution in online video, and prepare for the day when you don’t have to censor yourself and can finally speak the whole truth without being censored by YouTube tyrants (and Facebook globalists).

This is going to be the best Independence Day ever…

Request your video channel now by completing the simple form at https://REAL.video

– Mike Adams

Founder, REAL.video

Phi Beta Iota: We strongly support Mike Adams and RealVideo. While there are other alternatives, including BitChute and DTube, RealVideo merits careful consideration — in the idea, the top contenders to bury YouTube will find a way to create an open source blockchain ecology that unites rather than divides all those fleeing YouTube.

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