Mongoose: Catholic Priests, How Many Pedophiles, How Many Victims?

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Statistics for 2015 also indicate that the number of [Catholic] clerics in the world amounted to 466,215, with 5,304 bishops, 415,656 priests and 45,255 permanent deacons.  Source

5% — almost certainly too low a percentage — of 466,215 is 23,310 probable pedophiles or more accurately pedopredators over a generation.

10% of 466,215 is 46,621 probable pedophiles / pedopredators over a generation.

This differs sharply from the Catholic Church's official acknowledgement of 3,000 pedopredator pedosexual priests over 50 years. Source

Taking the LOW number of 100 over a lifetime of victims, that is a possible 4,662,100 victims of Catholic Church pedopredation and pedosexuality over the course of a full generation.  Assuming each victim has been abused an average of ten  times gives us a number of 46,662,100 instances of child abuse that should be assumed to exist and be properly investigated, in relation to Catholic priests over the course of a full generation.

This does not count the staff — and victims of the staff — of various Catholic institutions including particularly foster homes, boarding schools especially for boys, and private schools.

It must be said that other institutions, including the Mormon Church, the Boy Scouts of America, United Nations and varied non-governmental organizations, in the aggregate, probably double if not triple the number of abused, tortured, and murdered children, and that is without counting the victims of “normal” pedophilia as an accepted practice in countries such as Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

Therefore, it appears that between 9,324,200 (double) and 13,986,300 (triple) abused children probably exist and have not been documented by governments deliberately turning a blind eye to pedopredation.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: The assumptions have not been documented. They are offered by Mongoose as a starting point for public evaluation of the efficacy (and mendacity) of government in failing to protect children from sexual and Satanic predators.

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