Rebecca Campbell: Washington State Lies to Public, Legalizes Commercial Surrogate Parentage (Human Trafficking)

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Rebecca Campbell

The 2018 Washington State Uniform Parentage Act passed the state legislature completely on party lines, and was signed by the governor into law on March 6, 2018, rescinding a long-standing state statute prohibiting this practice. This law was probably marketed to many of the liberal Democrat majority legislators/state executive branch officials as benignly as enhancing opportunities for many legally married gay couples/infertile heterosexual couples to have families, without sharing with these lawmakers that this practice had been banned in other US states/many foreign countries, and why. These liberal legislators apparently did not do their due diligence, and therefore did not discern that voluntary/altruistic parental surrogacy is one thing — but, when commercialized, can become something else altogether — and not something any good at all.

But this willful ignorance was not true of all of these Washington state officials; a small, but significant minority of these state officials did know the sinister implication from the passage of this new stealth legislative template that they are helping to engineer in Washington State, simultaneously with six others: New Jersey, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Virginia, Massachusetts and Delaware are all in the process of passing similar legislation. Significantly, like Washington State, all of these other states also have major seaports available for large container shipping — seaports capable of participating in the US State Department Arts in Embassies Program.

These state officials knew this law would not only make Washington State a prominent, profitable commercial surrogacy destination worldwide — it could potentially be used legally to enable even more massive international child trafficking from this state by international elite pedophile networks. This would tend to be confirmed by this story’s lack of local/state/national major corporate mainstream news media coverage; this is because these major corporate mainstream news media are controlled by the globalist deep state behind such international pedophile networks. — REC

Washington State Democrats Legalize Child Trafficking – Them Before Us

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