Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon’s Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) — The Ultimate Censorable, Manipulable Walled Garden, a World Brain Of, By, and For the Zionists?

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Stephen E. Arnold

Amazon: Why Support Blockchain? To Chase IBM? Wrong.

In June 2018, I will describe Amazon’s lynch pin approach to intelligence analysis. The “play” has been ignored or overlooked by those who monitor the next generation information access market. At the Telestrategies ISS conference, I will report the DarkCyber and Beyond Search analysts’ assessment of this important Amazon service. The audience for the Telestrategies ISS programs are law enforcement and intelligence professionals. We have developed a for fee webinar which provides details of the Amazon “swing for the fences” approach to a number of intelligence-related services. Personally I was surprised by the audaciousness of the Amazon approach.

In this context, I noted a report in “Amazon’s New Blockchain Service Could Hurt IBM” which misses the main point of the Amazon “invention.” Yes, there is a patent as well as publicly accessible data about this data management play.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Put quite simply, Amazon, which is banning books, reviewers, and specific reviews, cannot be trusted to be honest as a steward of any information at all. Like Page  and Zuckerberg, Bezos has sacrificed his ethics in search of profit and control. There was a time when  I believe Amazon could and should be the hub of the World Brain; not now. Amazon is part of #GoogleGestapo, and must be put down.

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