Mongoose: White Helmets Planning False Flag Gas Attack in Idlib Syria? Could US False Flags Backfire and Justify Nation-Wide Concealed Carry for All Voters?

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White Helmets are helping Syrian militants prepare ‘false flag’ chemical attack – Idlib residents

The notorious White Helmets have brought chemicals, protective gear and cameras to militant-controlled Idlib in Syria, in an apparent preparation of yet another false-flag attack, locals told the Russian Reconciliation Center.

Phi Beta Iota: The US media (both mainstream and social) is controlled  and buries all credible reporting on false flag operations, both those in the USA organized by FEMA and other parties including Private Military Contractors (PMC), and those overseas, generally organized by Israel — to includes hoax threats against Jews needed to keep the stale anti-Semitic narrative alive.

Most (not all) events labeled as mass casualty events are false flag events. The FBI is complicit in covering these up but occasionally does the right thing, for example in not counting the fake casualties in its annual death statistics.

In Syria the CIA and Saudi Arabia appear complicit in false flag event organization with Israel.

President Donald Trump is to be commended for sticking to his gut instincts on two key points: the Russians did not “hack” the US election; and most mass casualty events are false flag events (some do die, generally patsies).

Taking the most recent event in Annapolis as an example — assuming one patsy and real dead, how long would the patsy had survived if everyone threatened has been armed and smart enough to shoot back instead of Tweeting “look at me please look at me” moronic messages?

We predict that the mass casualty anti-gun campaign is going to back-fire. Between 22 million veterans mobilized back into active democracy, the NRA under Ollie North, and a truth channel that connects the President to 200 million voters directly (and connects the voters to holistic truthful information validated by a Public Intelligence Council and a Sunshine Cabinet), we predict that henceforth each mass casualty event, whether real or not, will be used by the President to demand a nation-wide concealed carry right for every citizen. If the NRA and the veterans can

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