VIDEO: Separating Children from Parents at Border — 10,000 of 12,000 Came with Human Traffickers – Found the Girls UPDATE 4

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Strong Comment about Government Pedophilia Sales Below the Fold.

UPDATE 4: Found the girls, in NYC, under suspicious circumstances.

SHOCK VIDEO: Young Migrant Girls Under Black Blankets Being Moved from NY Facility at 1 AM

UPDATE 3: There is a disturbing possibility that toddlers (the most desireable pedophile commodity these days) and girls, are “missing” from the DHA inventory. The Trump Administration is going a *terrible* job of dealing with this matter.

“Where Are the Girls?” Child Trafficking Feared as DHS Can’t Say Where Immigrant Girls Are Being Held

Fears of child trafficking are rising as independent media and citizens realize that the only footage of children refugees is boys. DHS was asked where the girls are, and they could not answer.

UPDATE 2: The DHS press secretary seems to have her act together and made it clear that of the 12,000 children now in detention, 10,000 came alone, given to human traffickers by their parents for smuggling into the USA, ostensibly to link up with relative but more often than not, as discussin in UPDATE 1, ending up as commodities to be sold into slavery.

UPDATE 1: Alert Reader comments as follows.

What also needs to be understood is how smugglers and coyotes are involved in child trafficking. The smugglers work outside the US and tell people they'll help get children to a “safe” sponsor. Some of those accompanying the children at the border and in jails now are child traffickers. Think women would never pose as mothers? So many would do anything for money and/or are threatened, and their family members are threatened (look up news about all the gang violence perpetrated on the people in Mexico – beheadings, torture, cannibalism). Children are given photos of pretend relatives in the US who are actually child traffickers. When they're released to these fake relatives the child is never seen again. Another way to help in this situation is talking to (interview) experienced Border Patrol agents and get them involved, they know what goes on; one suggestion is Zack Taylor (retired Border Patrol, 26 years, worked in Tucson area).”

Phi Beta Iota: Separating children from their parents, rather than deporting them with their parents, is both a crime against humanity, and EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS. This has all the appearances of a sales pen from which children can be picked via remote video inspection for sale to a pedophile pedopredator. Eight hours to turn a Walmart into a prison — compelling grounds for deep investigation of Walmart and everything about Walwart.

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