9/11 Reference: Original Insurance Report with Aircraft Strike Estimate and Tables of WTC 1 and WTC 2 Tenants

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9/11 The Man Behind the Zionist Curtain?

“Aircraft Striking a Tower

This scenario is within the realm of the possible. but highly unlikely. In 1946 a military aircraft struck the Empire State Building. Since that time the manner in which aircraft ate “controlled” has dramatically changed. In the event such an unlikely occurrence, what might result?

The structural designers of the towers have publicly stated that in their opinion that either of lhe Towers could with stand such an impact from a large modern passenger aircraft The ensuing fire would damage the “skin”,in this scenario. as the spilled fuel would fall to the Plaza level where it would have to be extinguishN by the NYC Fire Oepanment.

The replacement of the “skin” is estimated at 35% of the building replacement value or $420m. Loss of rents for I year or S I SOm for a total estimate of < S600m.  Emphasis added. Page 92 / 15030.”

Source: 911 POTUS WTC Property Risk Report

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