9/11 Reference: Rudy Gulliani and FBI Complicit in 9/11? Known Commercial Insurance Reasons for Taking Down WTC Due to Crumbling Steel and Aluminum

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It is now known that Rudy Gulliani and the leadership of NYC as well as the owners of WTC knew years before 9/11 that the buildings must be brought down before 2007 because the interior steel and exterior aluminum were both compromised and the buildings would be at risk of collapsing — the cost to dismantle them was estimated to be $2B, inclusive of asbestos remediation. Hence the choice was clear: spend $2B to take care of the problem; or fake a terrorist incident and in collaboration with a complicit insurance company, take $7B in a false claim. The FBI — or Mossad officers pretending to be FBI — appears to have played a major role in the intimidation of all the architects, engineers, and photographers who spent years investigating the vulnerability of the buildings to uncontrolled collapse. None of this was investigated by the 9/11 Commission.

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DOC (18 Pages): 911 POTUS Z REF Gordon Why WTC (Commercial Insurance)

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