A. K. Dewdney: Memorandum for the President: 9/11 Gratuitously False Narrative on Use of Cell Phones

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9/11 Gratuitously False Narrative on Use of Cell Phones

23 July 2018

Mr. President,

The graphic to the left shows receptivity zones for cell towers as seen from approximately 5,000 feet.

As you consider how best to fulfill your campaign promise to get to the bottom of 9/11, I offer you the following commentary on one specific gratuitously false aspect of the official narrative.

Cellphone Technology: All cellphone communications take place between cell towers and cellphones, whether stationary or in a state of motion. Signals received by cell towers are retransmitted via cell towers to the cellphone being called. Critical to the operation of a cellphone network are the physical properties of cell towers and cellphones. As every cellphone engineer knows, cell systems were always intended for all-terrestrial communication and not for any extended vertical communication. The accompanying map shows a partial pattern of cell tower placements in an urban area. Each pancake-shaped structure surrounding these towers represents the size and shape off the zone of receptivity. Outside the zone of a given tower, no cellphone call will reach it with any reliability. The same thing is true for vertical distances, but these are generally much shorter due to the shape of the zone.

The Airborne Experiments: Three experiments were carried out to see to what extent a cellphone calling from an aircraft might reach a cell tower. The aircraft used were a Diamond Katana ultralight aircraft, a Cessna 127-R and a Piper Twin Apache. All three experimental flights flew patterns that guaranteed coverage by a variety of cellphone makes for calls from a cellphone expert using several current makes. All calls were received by an operator at a ground station. The operator recorded the time of a call (if received at all) as well as its duration and audio quality.

The Outcomes: When data from all three flights are put together, we find a straight line regression of failure probability with altitude. It must be stressed that the “messages” mentioned in this summary lasted only 10 to 20 seconds. Thus the “success” of such calls applies only to such messages, longer messages having a much higher probability of failure. The regression analysis reveals a 100% probability of success at 1000 feet, dropping linearly to 50% at 4000 feet and a 10% probability of success at 6000 feet — with only the analog phone succeeding in this case. These probabilities can be used as a basis for assessing the success of longer calls at the same altitudes. For example the success of a one-minute call may be viewed as a simple compound probability of, say five 20-second calls. Thus leads to a more realistic assessment for ordinary cellphone calls: 4000 feet—3%; 6000 feet — 0.001%, essentially impossible. At the altitudes normally flown by passenger aircraft the situation is completely hopeless. Feedback from many airline passengers who left cellphones “on” (not calling) during flight recall signal loss shortly after takeoff, at barely 1000 fee. The reason is that large passenger aircraft create signal attenuation caused by their large metal mass. We note in passing that the power output of a standard cellphone is 0.2 watts, whereas the power output of a passenger aircraft may be anywhere between 30 and 40 watts.

Conclusions: Accounts of “cellphone” calls made from aircraft allegedly used in the 9/11 attacks simply cannot possibly be true. Checks made of AT & T records for the day reveal no calls made from the back-of-the-seat phones either. All official and unofficial claims of cell phone calls from the allegedly hijacked aircraft are false.

Very respectfully,
A. K. Dewdney

Reference: A. K. Dewdney, “Project Achilles: Low Altitude Cellphone Experiments,” Physics911, 2003.

DOC (1 Page):  911 POTUS Dewdney Cell Phone False Narrative

A. K. Dewdney is a Canadian mathematician, computer scientist, field biologist, author, and filmaker. From 1981-1986 he was a regular computer columnist for Scientific American. Two of his films, The Maltese Cross Movement and Wildwood Flower, have been preserved by the Academy Film Archive. He has eleven published books dealing with at the intersection of computers, mathematics, science, and the universe.

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