Mongoose: Was Rahm Emanuel Elected Mayor of Chicago to Make Possible a 2012 9/11 with Sears/Willis Tower?

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Larry Silverstein and asbestos again..and probably an insurance company ready to be complicit in a false flag attack and fraud. What stopped them?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

‘Lucky' Larry's Chicago's Sears/Willis Tower Tenants are Moving out and it has an Asbestos Problem

Safety copy below the fold.

On June 10, 2011, Chicago’s Northwest Community Hospital and the U.S. Army Reserve will perform an emergency exercise called “Red Dragon” to prepare for any future event involving mass death.

Security at Willis is provided by Kroll's, the same outfit that provided ‘security' to the WTC.

An Israeli Company provides ‘security' to Chicago's O'Hare Airport.

And with MOSSAD agent Rahm Emanuel as Mayor of Chicago, the table is set for mass murder.

Is the ‘Windy City' about to get REAL Windy?

Since last year a number of emergency drills and exercises have taken place in and around the city of Chicago. To find out more about these drills and exercises, here are some articles you should read:

June 2010 – Emergency drills may close Chicago-area roads

June 2010 – Armageddon Simulated in Chicago, which involved a ‘simulated' airplane crash.

May 2011 – Third tallest building in Chicago enhances security, conducts fire evacuation drills

On June 10, 2011, Chicago’s Northwest Community Hospital and the U.S. Army Reserve will perform an emergency exercise called “Red Dragon” to prepare for any future event involving mass death.

Get Out While You Still Can

Thoma Bravo moves out of Willis Tower

Thoma Bravo is becoming the second private equity firm in the past year to move out of Willis Tower, formerly known as Sears Tower, and into a new office building at 300N. LaSalle. About a year ago GTCR Golder Rauner LLC also left Willis for 300 N. LaSalle.

He also cited other factors: inconvenient security for visitors; tourists now allowed in what had been the business lobbies; and “poor maintenance” of many common areas.

Ernst & Young to leave Sears Tower

Willis Tower is owned by a group that includes, surprise, surprise ‘Lucky' Larry Silverstein.

Will ‘Lucky' Larry remove the Willis Tower's asbestos the same way he did at the WTC?

Will this appear on Chicago's skyline in the near future?
The same deranged perps that pulled off the 9/11 FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB have nuts the size of grapefruits and total disdain for us ‘sheeple.' Maybe they will stage another 9/11 FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB in Chicago or maybe it's just part of their nonstop psyops to keep Americans so scared about another ‘al CIA Duh' attack so we won't notice our country's infrastructure is falling apart right before our very eyes and to keep us from asking questions about all our wealth stolen by the Zionist owned Federal Reserve and those Israeli owned ‘Too Big to Fail” Wall Street gangsters.

Another false flag attack is a matter of when, not if. The U.S. shadow terrorist state is an unaccountable, secretive, resourceful, cunning, and powerful engine for destruction and deception. We should not underestimate the evil men who have hijacked the national security policy and foreign policy of the United States of America.”

“We should not expect mercy or pity from these monsters. We should expect the worst because they are the worst kind of men: they seek to terrorize, steal, deceive, destroy, and control. Through enacting history they gain dominion over us.”

The trial of CIA asset/agent David Coleman Headley, who helped set off the Mumbia, India False Flag, is also taking place in Chicago during this time frame. The feds are trying to implicate Pakistan in this atrocity so they use that as an excuse to keep murdering Pakistani civilians with their cowardly Predator drone attacks.

Add in the fact that the Jewish holiday of Shavuot will take place from June 7 through nightfall of June 9, which Zionist Jews usually celebrate by killing us GOYIM, so people in the ‘Windy City' better beware.

Phi Beta Iota: In NYC Silverstein took over the WTC properties at a time when they are perhaps one third vacant, and immediately raised rents by 40% as if to push everyone else out.  To what end? To facilitate the implanation of controlled demolitions?

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