NYT Editors: The Catholic Church’s Unholy Stain UPDATE: Robert Steele Letter to Editor

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The Catholic Church’s Unholy Stain

It’s long past time for penitence and promises on clerical pedophilia. Pope Francis must act.

The latest barrage of revelations and developments — including a gut-wrenching report by a grand jury in Pennsylvania detailing seven decades of sexual abuse of at least 1,000 children, and probably thousands more, by more than 300 Catholic priests — has left no question that Pope Francis’ legacy will be decided by how he confronts this crisis. It is devouring the Roman church — erasing trust in its hierarchs, dismaying the faithful and blackening its image. To be meaningful, any further response must include openly addressing allegations that the pope was himself party to a cover-up.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I know the NYT is not going to publish this letter, here it is for those who want to have a sense of perspective.  NYT has checked the outrage box and will now go back to ignoring elite and pervasive pedophilia.

For those with access to the Pope, there are two basic points:

01 Protecting the 10% places the 90% at risk

02 The Church should not be the only accused —  time to accuse ALL.

Letter as submitted and ignored by NYT:

I salute your long over-due editorial The Catholic Church’s Unholy Stain calling on the Catholic Church to end centuries of denial and active obstruction of justice in relation to pedophilia. I am myself a lapsed Jesuit altar boy and lost faith with the Church over two issues: the rights of the mother, and pedophilia.

As Chief Counsel for the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse (an academic non-profit endeavor), I offer you several speculative observations rooted in my experience but my personal opinion absent proper lawful discovery such as no government has been willing to pursue precisely because pedophilia is entry drug for the higher reaches of the Deep State  and the Shadow Government — Jeffrey Epstein is one of thousands of recruiters and compromisers, the others are simply more discreet.

01 From the Supreme Court to the lowest sheriff’s office anywhere in America, the “justice” system deliberately ignores pedophilia and in fact seeks to torment those who speak to the 800,000 a year who disappear (this does not count children bred as a cash crop and undocumented immigrant children being trafficked — in his most recent and shameful testimony to Congress the Director of the FBI could only account for just over 500 of the 800,000).

02 The Catholic Church is not alone in this travesty that includes torture, Satanic ritual abuse, and murder with impunity. You will find compelling testimony on the Mormon Church as well as my overview among the videos from our London seating. All religions and all organizations dealing with children are rife with pedophiles, pedophile enablers, and pedophile protectors not by design but rather by decades of complacency and a failure to spot, assess, and weed out the predators attracted to the organization.

03 My personal estimate is that up to 10% of the Catholic priests, bishops, archbishops, and cardinals are active pedophiles.  This is not about homosexuality. This is about blatant recurring molestation on the low end and  raping, torturing, and ultimately murdering a a long series of children over decades on the high end. I believe elements of the Church are also guilty of selling children taken from unwed mothers, to pedophiles. The secrecy inherent in the adoption process is rooted in the need to obscure how many adopted children are being deliberately sold into bondage. For any organization, but particularly the Catholic Church, the failure to deal with the 10% subjects the other 90% to random beatings in the street and perhaps mob murder. The same percentage is in my opinion also applicable to the Boy Scouts, Child Care, and every local to global organization (e.g. Oxfam) that deals with children — they have attracted a pedophile chain of command and everyone including you have been looking the other way for decades.

04 Pedophilia is being “normalized” in Europe as it has been in Central Asia, the Middle East, and portions of Africa.  California is next. I wait with bated breath for someone to introduce legislation in California that ends the statuatory rape protection of children, pupporting that a child of any age can “consent” to sex with an adult. I a sickened by this, partly because my colleauges have seen a trend among pedophiles toward toddlers precisely because they cannot bear witness.

05 There is a free online book, Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy,& The Deep State, by Joaquim Hagopian, a West Point graduate. Each chapter is offered in full text online for each of use of the translation wodget. Should you decide to do a  serious long-term project on pedophilia and murderous pedophilia in the USA, this book will be helpful to you.  The tidal wave of witnesses is about to peak — repressed for decades, what we are seeing is hundreds to thousands of credible witnesses coming forward to the point that we cannot handle them. A paper of your considerable stature could get this one right.

06 Your editorial is the first step — you have 9,999 more steps to take.  I challenge you to take this matter seriously, and not drop it as you so often do after a single sanctemoneous editorial that checks the outrage box and then moves on the more trivia.

07 I am a son of New York. It would be most satisfying to me to see The New York Times embrace holistic analytics and true cost economics, and begin to provide balanced coverage of all threats, all policies, all costs, such as an informed democratic public demands. You have my best wishes, and my hope that you will rise to the challenge of being meaningful is an era of lies and noise, where censorship, manipulation and digital assassination are the order of the day.

Robert David Steele

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