Robert Steele: Deep State Plan A (Impeachment), Plan B (Assassination), Plan C (Amendment 25) — A is down, C is active, B is more likely than ever before

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

As a case officer for the CIA I had five times the  regional recruiting and production average over the course of an extraordinary three back-to-back tours, one in a war zone. As a contractor analyst in Afghanistan in Fall 2013 I knew within 30 days of arrival that Karzai would never sign the Bilateral Security Agreement (my first clue was his order to the Afghan Army to never, ever, call for NATO air support). As a patriot I wrote the first major post and the first major article on the Russian collusion false flag attack on our president, and the soft coup that it represented.  I have run a false flag for CIA and myself been threatened with assassination by the leadership of a specific country where I was cultivating the extreme left. I know how all this stuff works.

Bottom line up front: Plan A is off the table, Plan C will fail, Plan B is “hot.”

In my view, the Deep State and Shadow Government has come to the realization that the Republicans will hold the House and Senate, especially if President Trump  makes the announcements I expect him to make between now and Election Day. This takes Plan A (Impeachment) off the table.

The defamation and gaslighting endeavors have not worked. The majority of the public “gets” that the mainstream media and #GoogleGestapo social ecologies are out of control. Although the President's current communications team sucks and he has no capability beyond Twitter (which is itself sabotaging the President by reducing his reach with deliberate repression of his visibility), on balance the public is seeing the cultural as well as the economic pay-offs from this Administration. The first two books seeking to defame the President (Fire & Fury and Unhinged, both pieces of crap) failed. So the big guns were rolled out, Deep State prat boys (the term refers to someone who wipes the king's ass) Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein (think Harvey Weinstein with a patina of class). It's not working. As they always do, they over-shot the mark and most of America will not buy nor read the book.

That leaves Plan B (Assassination)  and Plan C (Amendment 25). Plan C is the new plan after the first twelve assassination attempts failed. Although Elizabeth Warran has had a stab at offering up Plan C in the aftermath of the fake NYC Op Ed, it is far more likely that in the end she will bow the the President's will just as Senator Lindsey Graham has bowed in the aftermath of the execution of John McCain and the removal of selected others from public view. Vice President Mike Pence is probably very aware that President Trump knows it all and Pence would not survive the slightest move to achieve a Cabinet quorum on the President being “unable” to discharge his duties. Plan C is a desperate delusional non-starter – Plan B is now “hot.”

While I have no direct knowledge of any threat to the President, it is my view that the next sixty days are fraught with risk for our Commander in Chief. On the one hand, he has to get out in front of the public to hold the House and Senate — without him the Republican Party is just another syphilictic whore only slightly more attractive than Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton and the remarkably shallow but photogenic Elizabeth Warren aka Pocahontas. On the other hand, in combination with the defamation and gaslighting, an assassination — with the police state on full alert to contain the isolated pockets of anger from patriots — would not only energize the Democratic base, it would suck the life blood out of the carcass we call the Republican Party. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is not on the President's side — from the Transportation Security Agency to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to the Secret Service to other elements, DHS is in my opinion the other side of the coin of treason, the original side being the US secret intelligence community (and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration where the other half of the Nazis were placed) and particularly the Continuity of Government (COG) program that may still be responsive to Dick Cheney's direction in league with the Zionists and their sayonom — treason is non-partisan and deeply embedded.

At the 1% level the President appears to have check-mated the Deep State and the Shadow Government with the tens of thousands of sealed indictments that immobilized 90% of the Deep State and Shadow Government traitors while allowing a calibrated mix of military tribunals, executions, and incarcerations against a much smaller number to discreetly tame the beast. HOWEVER, the President has failed to connect directly with the 99%.

Put most simply, I believe the President needs to complement his extraordinary successes on the economic front — successes deliberately not publicized by the MSM and deliberately censored by #GoogleGestapo when publicized by patriots — with a massive Information Operation (IO) that no one on his team — least of all Brad Parscale or Sarah Huckabee — know how to do.

The below steps are a mix of what I have been recommending with some new information. Pieces are starting to fall into place and private money is available to achieve  these objectives, but the President is central — if he is not willing to cancel his Twitter account and invite 200 million citizens into the new ecology that includes emails which authenticate legal voter status, then no amount of money — or information — can help the President.

Step One: Throw the media  out of the White House.  Make this, not the false narratives of the MSM, the story of the month.  Move the Press Secretary to the National Press Club. Take questions by video, with those asking intelligent questions getting answers from the actual officials if not the President himself, and a 24-hour exclusive on the answer before it is posted to BitChute.

Step Two: Use 9/11 Truth and Sandy Hook Truth to educate the public. 9/11 Truth and Sandy Hook Truth are each in their own way a stake in the heart of the Deep State  and the  Shadow Government. The speech on 9/11 2018 can be platitudes — as is now planned — or it can fulfil the President's campaign promise and mandate the criminal Grand Jury in the Southern District of New York as called for by the Lawyer's Committee of Inquiry into 9/11, and call on Congress to pass — before the election recess as a litmus test — the Bobby Mcllvaine World Trade Center Investigation Act. Embrace and point the public toward the two collections of memoranda for the president on 9/11 Truth and Sandy Hook Truth, as an interim educational wake-up call such that the public realizes that most of our media, most of our history, and much of our science are simply lies — weaponized lies of mass deception.

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Step Three: Mandate changes to Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 and to the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Simple changes would reverse the Obama-Biden approval of propagandizing — lying to — the US public via the first, and mandate Title 7 non-discrimination compliance and common carrier universal service without prejudice via the second, for #GoogleGestapo. Order up a RICO investigation at the same time.

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Step Four:  Create a Trump Truth Channel and a new social ecology. This matters because the accomplishments of the President are not being made known to the larger public. While private money is available to do this and has been offered (with a first tranche of $200 million), it works better if the President has skin in the game and takes  a vested interest. Codemail and Bitchute are obvious starting points. A new cross-over that enables Short Message Service (SMS) to become a Trumpet and vice versa, a protected file sharing service, and new means of using cell phone numbers and emails as validators of voting eligibility, Congressional District, and other profile aspects, are all ready to be implemented on a trial basis in October. Larry Ellison, Steve Forbes, and Kim Dot Com (who has never built a system with fewer than 100 million participants) are all important leaders.  Herman Cain and Cynthia McKinney and many others could play vital roles in mobilizing “people not parties” as the foundation for an informed democracy going forward.

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Step Five: Demolish and reconstitute the secret intelligence community. General Tony Zinni signed their death warrant when he testified that the secret world provides “at best” 4% of what a major commander needs  to know (and nothing for everyone else). Bill Binney and Robert Steele agree: 70% of the secret world can be shut down (with a soft landing for the humans). After losing the 70% that is dysfunctional the CIA should absorb the 30% worth saving from NSA, NRO, NGA, and DIA, a new Open Source Agency (OSA) should be created, the USDI dismantled, and the defense intelligence funds restored to tactical and theater intelligence starting with air breather imagery and ground-friendly signals and human intelligence. The reality is that today the secret world is run by the Air Force and the Navy and is absolutely utterly incompetent at providing all-source support to overseas clandestine or military operations or domestic counterintelligence operations.

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Step Six: Cancel all national security restrictions (secrecy orders) on the 6,000 patents stolen from their inventors by imperial order.

Step Seven: Start a “Manhattan” project that combines free energy in all its forms with a massive coast to coast commitment to refill our aquifers with desalinated water.


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