Paul Craig Roberts: NYT is FAKING the Senior Official Memo UPDATE Death of the NYT

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Paul Craig Roberts

I Know Who the “Senior Official” Is Who Wrote the NY Times Op-Ed

I know who wrote the anonymous “senior Trump official” op-ed in the New York Times. The New York Times wrote it. The op-ed is an obvious forgery.

Phi Beta Iota: Worth a full reading. The NYT has certainly shown itself to lack integrity across  the board. An alternative possibility is that Elaine Chao is stabbing the President in the back on behalf of both the Bush Crime Family and it's chief “fixer” on the Hill, her husband Senator Mitch McConnell. Jim Stone has posted this commentary from someone else:

4. The issue at hand is that the New York Times is either willing to aid and abet a clearly seditious person within the administration, or by publishing such a false story, they've committed an act of sedition themselves.

5. Today they crossed the Rubicon. They are either hiding the identity of an individual who wishes to overthrow the current administration, or they are attempting to do it themselves by publishing the story they did today.

6. Either way, they have very clearly committed unlawful actions and should be held accountable for them. At best, they were duped by a “journalist” into publishing fake news, or they are abetting seditious, treasonous individuals.”

The time is right for the President to throw the media out of the White House and create the Trump Truth Channel as we have been recommending for over eighteen months.

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