Wayne Jett: Missing $21 Trillion, Project Insignia, Deep State and Shadow Government Doing Cash, Drugs, Guns, and Small Children

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What Was It’s Source?

The undocumented spending found in DOD and HUD indicate those inside these government agencies wanted in on the action of spending the stupendous amounts of rogue/criminal (now called Deep State) financing. Likewise, the Deep State operatives were pleased to have more power and influence within the halls of established institutions of government.

This answers the fundamental question: Where did DOD and HUD get the $21 trillion spent for purposes unstated, when Congress did not appropriate the funds? Clearly the source of funds must have been the Five Star Trust or a similar cut-out organization formed by the Deep State to conduct such unlawful financial transactions. In the context of financial balances of the enormous size revealed by Project Insignia, $21 trillion in extra, off-the-record financing for DOD and HUD would be comparable to Depression-era bootlegger Al Capone peeling a few bills off a big roll that is then returned to his pocket.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: There are actually four forms of crime that appear to have become common within the US Government since the end of WWII:

01 Capture of Japanese gold created the Black Lily fund that financed the restoration of fascism, multiple dictators, and the start of the new Deep State and Shadow Government. This then led to Viet-Nam drugs, money-laundering, then Iran-Contra gun-running, and crime as a way of life.

02 Outright misallocation of appropriated funds, pretending to have misplaced them, but actually spending them on the secret space program, mind control, bio-chemical and geo-engineering, and more.

03 Plain theft. Skimming from the defense and housing program with rigged contracts and grand scale fraud. This would include outright lies to the public intended to enable theft while pretending that all was well.

04 Deep Black funding, such as funded the Gold War against Russia managed by Buzzy Krongard and John Brennan at the direction of George H. W. Bush and Dick Cheney, with George Tenet as mid-wife.

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