Ben Garrison: Deep State Democrats Raise a False Flag UPDATE 2: White-Facing a Filipino, Bomb Threats on Election Day?

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Ben Garrison @ Phi Beta Iota

Cesar Sayoc Politics: Voter Records Say He’s a Republican

Media is focusing on his surface story — Republican from New York now in Florida.  Smarter people are looking at the sophistication of his van including costly wrap art, and his prior engagement in left wing circles.  FBI is not good at all at probing CIA mind-control victims (they threw the Fort Lauderdale shooter out of their office when he turned him self in before the shooting).

Here is a better overview:

Owl: Pocahontas Revenge – Deep State False Flag White-Faces a Philipino-Latino, Goes Overboard on Professional Imaging of Immacuate White Van


John Robb, at Global Guerrillas , warns that these bombs set the stage for over-reactions on Election Day — imagine false bomb threats to voting sites in predominantly Republican neighborhoods across the country — a deliberate campaign to block Republican voters from voting.

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