Douglas Gabriel & Michael McKibben: Tim Berners-Lee, Fake Internet, CIA, CERN, and More…

Commerce, Corruption, Government, IO Deeds of War, IO Impotency

Tip of the Hat to Contributing Editor Berto Jongman

High points:

Critique of Berners-Lee proposal for a decentralised Internet; he is a dog whistle and a liar; nothing of the Internet can be changed in a quick way. It will too easily break if you change too much; proposal is a stupid notion; it is brainwashing stuff; you cannot build something revolutionary overnight; Eric Schmitt is ready to go, technological warlord, knows how to rip people off; billions of dollars are poured into CERN; it its a fake; Google will collapse (too many fines); Alfabet is going to takes its place; Dragonfly is already in America; people are tightened up in digital box; social score will determine what you are allowed to do or not to do; those PR people know how to make your juices running; digital fascism; it is a false flag and he needs to stop lying

Phi Beta Iota: This one is a bit too hysterical for our taste but there is one important point to consider: no one has ever been held accountable for the trillions of dollars spent on war, science, medicine, or advertising — when the day comes that Thin Thread can be applied to all bank accounts and all transaction ledges, most of the bad stuff will be identified quickly. In the interim we certainly give Tim Berners-Lee credit for the HTML innovation.

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