Mark Skidmore with Greg Hunter: Found $21 Trillion in Money Stolen from Federal Budget, Entire Budget is Now a National Security Secret (Authorized to Lie)

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Entire Federal Budget Now National Security Secret – Dr. Mark Skidmore

Phi Beta Iota: Legalized lying for false flag reasons has now consumed the federal government, which should not be allowed to tax or borrow in our name. The 17th Amendment appears to have not been properly ratified, reversing that and restoring state sovereignty is the fastest path to healing, along with #UNRIG (Election Reform Act).

See Especially:

Steven Aftergood: It Is Official: Federal Government Can Lie in Budget Statements

Catherine Austin Fitts with Dark Journalist: The Secret Space and Underground Programs, the Alternative Deep State Budget Based on Drug Trafficking and Mortgage Fraud

Worth a Look: Licensed to Lie – Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice

Robert Steele: Rod Rosenstein and Legalized Lying and Cheating at Justice — The Week in Review

James Fetzer: In Solidarity with Alex Jones – Barack Obama paved the way for Sandy Hook by nullifying the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948

Nori Huddle: Assassination of NATO Chief Auditor to Conceal €250M Black Budget for NATO-Sponsored Terrorism — Media Black-Out Occurring by Design

Wayne Jett: Trump Can Save Capitalism By Ending Federal Reserve and Mercantilism (Throw in a Balanced Budget and a Gold-Backed Dollar For Best Results)

Karl Denninger with Greg Hunter: Fixing Health Care Permanently — Cuts Cost by 75% & Almost Balances the Federal Budget

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