Mongoose: Alert Reader on Secret Corruption

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An Alert Reader has shared the following.

The very agencies that are supposed to investigate and stop Pedophile crimes are involved with and protecting the perps doing these. All terror is synthetic and created by Intel agencies, all of it and done for political gains, basically all Gladio-style ops done by the same folks (NATO left behind army, DVD, now the FBI as far as inside America).

What I would really like is to see the CIA surrounded by the US Fifth Army and all the top dogs in the Directorate of Operations who run the Mexican Cartels hauled out in chains and flown to Guantanamo for trial by Military Court. This is legal because they have committed Treason. Also all USAF and US Army top dogs involved in flying opium out of Afghanistan. Then I would like to see all drug cartels in Mexico, Central and South America given 48 hours to surrender before they are attacked and eliminated.

Along with these strong actions I would like to see the pedophile network taken down the same way with the top perps hauled off. Same for the FBI top dogs who are dirty and part of it along with all the Pedophile Members of Congress and USG Officials. Direct executive actions should be brought against the top Satanic network Kingpins (about 200) after signed findings have been made. Why should these absolutely evil folks be allowed to exist and get away with all their incredibly evil crimes? Because they run the money systems.

I would like to see all the 9/11 perps arrested and hauled off to Guantanamo for military trials and warrants put out against foreign officials involved and whatever means is necessary to get them. Kissinger and all these perverted big boys Kay Griggs identified would also need to be dragged off to Guantanamo, even if in wheel chairs. Those who promoted water boarding and harsh interrogation in the Mideast wars should be subjected to the same themselves until they agree to sing and then they must be prosecuted for murder and crimes against humanity.

Lower level filth could be granted partial immunity if they came clean and this would help prosecute the top of the evil Cabal food chain. All perps must never serve in the USG and would be detained in a federal resort type prison the rest of their lives but not executed if they sung truthfully like canaries. Dual citizens should be sent back to the their other nation. Exceptions could be made as long as they took a loyalty oath to the USA and did not commit any national security crimes, mind control, pedophilia, murders, war crimes, treason, sedition, or crimes against humanity and could never hold any offfice.

Any top dogs involved in MK-ultra mind control especially that involving sexual abuse and torture of children must be executed after a fair 3 day military trial in Guantanamo. Once the American masses became informed of the realities of the offenses of these twisted sickos, they would be immediately eliminated by their own security teams in most cases or when trying to go out in public. Those involved in all types of sex trafficking would be arrested by following REDACTED recommendations. No human trafficker, sex trafficker or organ trafficker would be safe in the world anywhere.

DHS was set up to harass 9/11 investigators and truthers by consolidating US LE and Intel to make it easy to keep 9/11 covered up forever. Those who set up and run DHS now in the background (some hidden) were all deeply involved.

I would like to see the basement archives in Langley (robotized files and locked special film library) stripped out and all docs and movies immediately published, and the same for the NSA files which goes all the way back to Vietnam.  No launch codes revealed or names of NOCs or key foreign assets but everything else. As you proposed we need an Official USG news channel that tells the truth and many others that also do the same. I would like extreme actions for these extreme crimes of the elite. You are far more moderate and if your  more moderate corrections were implemented that would likely be enough.

If the Americans were force fed truth and learned what was really going on and became informed like our Founding Fathers claimed was necessary to maintain our Republic), it would be a real game changer.

It is obvious your whole website is dedicated to the fact that a public informed with the truth is essential for the survival and health of our Republic and itself would trigger corrections to elite deviance at every level.

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