Mongoose: Archbishop Names Pope Francis as Archtiect of Pedophilic Evil — Power Sought At Any Price Including Over the Dead Bodies of Children

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Explosive Report From Catholic Archbishop Names Pope Francis As Geopolitical Mastermind With ‘Back Channel Operatives’ In Vatican Intrigue

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò a few weeks ago released a shocking report that shows Pope Francis angling for political power on the world stage, and using any means necessary to obtain it even if that meant using known Catholic pedophile and serial abuser Cardinal Theodore McCarrick to accomplish his goals.

The central accusation against the pope was that Viganò had personally informed him in 2013 of McCarrick’s record of abuse against priests, seminarians, and lay people, as well as telling him of sanctions imposed on McCarrick by Pope Benedict XVI. Despite this knowledge, Viganò alleged, Francis lifted the sanctions, involved McCarrick in diplomatic missions on behalf of the Holy See, and consulted him regarding the naming of new bishops for the United States.

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Phi Beta Iota: While the Catholic Church is the most recognized pedophilic institution on the planet, it must be said that the  scourge is limited to 10% of the priests; and that the same scourge inflicts the Mormon, protestant, and other institutions. It must also be said that while Zionism is the greatest subversive force in the USA, the Catholic Church — and the Rothchilds — are a close second.

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