Wayne Jett: Post-Kavanaugh Blood-Letting

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Total Public Revulsion Lies Ahead

Kavanaugh Wrap-Up

Senate Democrats offered to give Trump Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court if Trump would back off de-classifying evidence of DOJ/FBI collusion with the Clinton presidential campaign. Trump declined the offered deal and got Kavanaugh confirmed by battling to the end. Now the declassified evidence is about to be sprung on the public, and the reason for Democrats’ stress is easy to see.

Briefly, the DNC’s lawyer and the Clinton presidential campaign colluded with the FBI’s top lawyer to concoct fake evidence for persuading the FISA court to grant a search warrant permitting electronic spying on the Trump presidential campaign. When Trump won election anyway, the HRC/DNC/DOJ/FBI collusion continued past Trump’s inauguration in order to create a pretext for removing President Trump from office. This amounts to treason and sedition, among other serious crimes. Conspirators included both Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein and many others.

All this is about to be dropped on the approaching mid-term elections – now less than a month away – which already have strong similarities to the 2016 political climate: i.e., with President Trump barnstorming the country on behalf of Senate and House candidates, crowds literally are lining up for miles to get into his rallies. Meanwhile, Establishment operatives are paying for in-your-face, sometimes violent, demonstrators to oppose everything Trump.

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