Owl: Presidential Treason Alert – US Department of State

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Who? Who?

Following seems worthy of Presidential attention.  I have no direct knowledge so I offer it up verbatim for public consideration.

State Of The State Department

Word from a well-traveled and well-connected derring-doer is that the State Department is manned, floor to rafters, with hardcore globalist shitlibs who hate Trump and commit low to high level sedition every day attempting to undermine his Administration.

He says, without a hint of irony or glibness, that subversives within State will take Trump down if he doesn’t immediately clean house and fire at least three-quarters of the staff. He says, again sans glibness, that whatever negative blowback this will have on foreign relations is more than compensated for by removing an actively hostile threat to his Presidency, and he wonders why Trump has to date dropped the ball on this pressing matter. He presumes members of Trump’s inner circle are deliberately hiding State Department subterfuge from him, and if that’s the case, then the fix is in.

PS Three cheers for President Bolsonaro!

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I worked for fourteen years within the US foreign affairs bureaucracy as a US Government employee, (and an additional fifteen as a contractor) and I consider the above to over-stated with respect to 90% of the good people who work for the Department of State, and grossly under-stated for the 10% that burrowed in to Schedule C and other jobs during the Obama Administration.  We have not done a full-up counterintelligence cleansing in part because the FBI is not capable of doing this even when it is simplified for them: anyone that was previously a political appointee for the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas should be on a short list and is still employed by the US Government as either a federal employee or a contractor with Top Secret clearances, should be under full scope investigation including an NSA dump of their emails and calls, which the FBI does NOT have access to — Bill Binney could do it overnight if he had  Presidential authority, with Thin Thread.  I would say we are looking for about 1,500 people.  We should of course add to that list those in the upper ranks of the Freemasons and Knights of Malta as well as those with relatives on Wall Street and in the Mainstream Media.   Say 5,000 all told.

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