Robert Steele: Could Democratic Party Be Ready for Election Reform?

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

There’s a Better Way to Elect House Members

Representative Don Beyer of Virginia has proposed a plan for ranked-choice voting that would make the U.S. House less partisan and more representative for all.

But if Democrats remain in the minority for the fifth House term in a row, calls for wide-ranging electoral reform could become more prominent within the party. Last summer, Representative Don Beyer, a Virginia Democrat who serves an Alexandria-based district in the House, introduced the Fair Representation Act (FRA), a bill that would mandate multimember congressional districts, ban gerrymandering, and require a process in House races by which voters would indicate ranked preferences for multiple candidates in multimember districts to make the chamber more representative of people’s preferences.

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Phi Beta Iota: Ranked choice voting would increase the prospects for Green, Libertarian, and Independent candidates, and in some districts, for smaller parties such as Constitution, Justice, and Working Families. The proposals are not comprehensive — all twelve reforms proposed by the #UNRIG campaign are needed.

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