Anonymous: Will the Internet Get Real? A Manifesto on False Flags, Big Lies, and the Loss of Integrity by All Law Enforcement Agencies and the Media

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Much of Alternative Media and the Alt-Right is Allowing for the Subversion of America: The Resistance Has Been Usurped.

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How many websites and supposed “investigative voices” are focused on the fact there is no / zero substantive evidence any one actually died, let alone was wounded, at Thousand Oaks Borderline Bar and Grill—that is arguing it was in fact ANOTHER false flag faked hoax?

The answer is far too few given the immensity of potential consequences, that is as relates to the motives for creating this one more of MANY recent false mass shooting hoaxes!

Of course the primary motive is stricter and stricter gun control laws as ruination of the 1st and 2nd Amendments (as both are being simultaneously destroyed at the same time which ultimately means citizens have no civil rights since the 1st and 2nd Amendments are what give power to the people to enforce their rights).

A secondary motive is to portray alienated white gentiles, and sometimes Muslims, as the most likely ethnic groups to be extremists, and so as to focus suspicion and will to eliminate their rights.

Thirdly is to encourage more and more mental health testing and evaluation of the populace (a most ‘subjective’ and ‘arbitrary’ science if ever there was one). This of course ties in with police state scrutinizing communications between people.

Fourthly is the continuation of taxpayer dollars paying for more and more internal and external police state apparatus and expenditure including profits gained by more and more security equipment and services as well as internal espionage, etc. that becomes government contracts.

Plus these psychological operations continue a divide and conquer tactic leading to more distrust and paranoia in society—as social alienation dominates more and more the naive mind (of which this country has masses in hysteria).

And lastly is the continuation of corruption within the government swamp of mass media and government agencies, which are clearly part of these constant deceit strategies against the taxpayer sheeple.

There may more reasons but it should be obvious there are many consequences as to why these operations (emergency drills projected as real) are taking place.

We should well note that in all these mass killing scenarios the mainstream media (MSM) footage shows many police cars, many emergency service personal (police, FBI, military, ambulance, etc.) as well as many MSM camera/ interview crews but almost nothing that suggests “real” carnage and “real” death. As usual there are some ‘faked’ victims loaded in ambulances with faked blood scenes as well as faked and poor acting by people who often are literally paid to pretend to be either victims or witnesses or relatives to presupposed victims.

Moreover if you actually look back at the MSM video footage you see emergency personnel milling around doing nothing and police cars and ambulances standing around and clean ambulance gurneys equally poising for photo opportunities (as if the scenery footage is more realistically of practiced drills—which is many cases is the reality—including the very police report scenes).

Yet despite the ignorance of the masses via mass media all this is HIGH DECEIT to a docile and ignorant society—a society that almost seems to want to become subservient to a police state, run by a bunch of globalist elites, who have no compunction of violating the average citizens’ rights. Trust that this level of deceit and corruption is not being done with a goal of helping the average taxpayer.

People should realize this same society has been corrupt for decades, and has been subjugating other countries to repression for many, many years as tyranny. For Americans to think they are somehow special and will not be subject to similar forms of repression is nothing but more blind and naive hope (which seems to be the path of the alternative media and the alt-right).

A second important topic is which much of the alternative media and the alt-right is allowing for tyranny in the United States is its lackadaisical effort to report on election fraud that involves the electronic hacking of voting computers. Surely James O’Keefe has been putting out a lot of important investigative journalism. Still most are now blaming Trump for not doing enough but the truth is that the alternative media DID NOT PUSH THE ISSUE AND HOLD HIS FEET TO THE FIRE. Now there are focusing on the state of Florida when the real issue is electronic rigging in many precincts around the country—more on this discussion later but listen to this video by American Intelligence Media:

From a purely intuitive sensibility, given President Trumps massive rally shows, and the likelihood Democrats alienated plenty of fence sitters during the Kavanaugh hearings, the fact the Democrats have nothing to offer except chaos and conflict, and the Senate race usurpation—it just does not make sense Democrats took back the House—and did so in suburbs—this intuitively does not make sense. Many actual races were rigged and in sophisticated ways. The fact the Department of Homeland Security gave the green light alone ought to be a red flag to any conspiracy theorists worthy of his or her salt.

But getting back to the false flag “operations” about mass shootings that are occurring at staggering statistical levels, often it is the MSM “mainstream media” itself that is both the most revealing and most lacking. So-called conspiracy theorists do not even have to go out of a limb and establish new ideas or footage—they can simply analyze what the phony, incompetent MSM provides (which is why they are now providing less and less footage and fewer onsite interviews which are still incompetently done, in which ‘actors’ and emergency personnel are caught on camera trying to suppress smiles and laughing in-between pretended seriousness—this is nothing new).

Back in the days of say Sandy Hook through Orlando Pulse, Las Vegas Mandalay Bay and Stoneman Douglas High Schoo,l we, that is Internet users curious enough to study, still had plenty enough MSM debunkers (citizen journalists) clearly showing the ‘deliberate’ lies of the mainstream media and the governments (federal level down to local-induced). And debunk American activists gladly and cogently did—even if most Americans never learned the blatant lies as deliberate psychological operations “psy-ops” against the American people.

But then, already, some of the most revealing videos and explications were ‘disappearing’ off YouTube and elsewhere as censored. Now censorship and self-censorship has become significantly worse. For example you cannot find Debbie Lusignan’s videos debunking the MSM on Las Vegas and Parkland Fl. anywhere. Meanwhile she has been seriously smeared as real conspiracy.

‘Shaming’ as major strategy was, and is, being used to belittle anyone bold enough to argue these events were bald-faced lies (which they were). Their initial attack was: “How dare anyone add insult to injury and claim victims relatives and friends were equally lying to the American public”? “How dare anyone challenge the voices of the obviously grieving!” “What callous insolence and miscreant behavior!” No true humane person would do such a thing as challenge these many official narratives. You were and are held to be less barbarous if you had pushed an elderly woman in a wheelchair down a flight of stairs landing to a concrete payment.

Nevertheless some very well-meaning, courageous and intelligent people were debunking these phony narratives which the American masses were naively imbibing as koolaid. And yet for the most part intelligent and sincere naysayers were shunned, ridiculed, harassed, castigated and even threatened. But mostly there were ignored, even by many in the alternative media, and more perplexingly, by many of the Alt-Right that pay high lip service to the 2nd Amendment. This is especially disturbing the Alt-Right could not come to tell the blatant truth—that these mass killings were acted out scenarios in which no one was actually hurt, and intention was to lie to the American people over and over again until people succumbed to destroying the 2nd Amendment.

Even experts chimed in, such as Wolfgang Halbig, an expert on school safety programs and previous deputy sheriff in the state of Florida. You could not get more expert on the subject. So after several less expert Americans debunked Sandy Hook as a fraud Wolfgang Halbig did as well—as one trained in school safety. Nevertheless the Internet smeared the heck out of him—as Internet phonies and MSM alike equating him with being an actor and conspiracy fraud (when in fact crisis actors were clearly used to perpetuate this fraud). Most people with even ten working brain cells can listen to Mr. Halbig’s own words and explanations and compare them with big guns media to see how far the Powers-that-Be will go to not only perpetuate this fraud (Sandy Hook as real tragedy using vulnerable children as victims) but equally how far they will go to cover it up their lies. This is big scam and big corruption. Anyone who had any sincere interest in studying this past event from citizen journalists perspective could see how plainly a set of lies it was—and yet to this day this conspiracy by the media is still played as true, as too are a lot of other faked mass killing events that have been acted out in the last years (all facilitated by big media, the FBI, the Democratic Party, etc.).

Wolfgang Halbig equally debunked the Stoneman High School hoax in Parkland Florida, as he, ironically, was the person who wrote the safety program for that very high school! Several other people helped equally debunk these lies, again perpetrated by a powerful cabal of anti-gun conspirators, again using vulnerable young students as victims, and yet much of the country continues to believe this great lie, in its various flavors over and over again.

In the case of Parkland there was the added agenda of having society focus on “alienated youth” and “juvenile delinquents” who should be “monitored” by essentially a police state of intrusive investigative procedures, just as the entire country is building up the relatively new Department of Homeland Security, not too different to what was the Bolsheviks’ repressive Cheka that then worked to arrest, torture and kill counter-revolutionaries—only this time the bad guys are painted by the Anti-Defamation League ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center SPLC (both Zionist fronts that ultimately work for Zionist and Israeli Intelligence) as “white nationalists” and “extremists” (read goy whites in America as opposed to goy Christian Russians of which plenty were send to the gulag prisons).

Plus now we have the Zionist ADL working with University of California to further label white gentiles as extremists and hate groups especially. But what is equally corrupting is ADL’s long time covert and often enough corrupt influence with the FBI, and of late now sending American police officers to Israel to get training in how to deal with violence (as they are being trained to see all as Palestinians). See articles:

ADL, U.C. Berkeley Announce Groundbreaking Project Using AI, Machine Learning to Understand Extent of Online Hate

U.S. Police Routinely Travel to Israel to Learn Methods of Brutality and Repression

Another voice in the wilderness pretty much completely ignored by alternative media, including the corrupted left (despite her being a true liberal) and also by the Alt-Right (even though she reinforced the main premise of MSM lies, was Debbie Lusignan, aka The Sane Progressive, who started posting her videos to BitChute as she was more and more being censored by YouTube, etc. Regarding Las Vegas, she went far beyond the red herring stories of multiple shooters, helicopters, multiple theaters, and a range of alternative conspiracy theories such as Muslims and Saudis behind this false flag. She showed us (by way of MSM’s own reporting turned on itself) that people were “not” shot on the concert venue like the media reported into the hundreds (as the numbers kept changing from day to day). She, as once a nurse, showed with her videos that blatant lies of supposed victims being interviewed in hospital beds, etc. It was all bulldrit save probably one death of someone in the hotel room at the Mandalay called Paddock (where there was no where close to “hundreds” of empty cartridges). A photo of a seeming suicide with blood on a carpet of a dead man and two “clean” empty cartridges on top of the blood-soaked carpet—that is the clean cartridges were placed on top of the blood and not the other way around of bullet cartridges with blood on the top of them? Nothing to see here folks.

The whole Las Vegas Sheriff / FBI time line turned out to be so screwed up and incompetently displayed that shortly after a week the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal exploded across the news media as it covered up this LV false flag debacle as quickly forgotten by the fickle sheeple masses manipulated by mass media—always meant to control and seldom to inform.

Therefore despite some true reporting about Las Vegas Mandalay Bay much of the alternative media was focusing on alternative explanations that amounted to alternative fake news—as allowing for the main narrative that many people were dead and wounded on the concert venue to stand as valid when in fact no one died at the concert—regardless of how many were frightened and fled due to the crowd manipulations by theatre. The gun noise was likely coming from the PA systems themselves as certain paid actors started to stampede and scream on cue. This certainly was not some spontaneous event. It was planned to have maximize psychological impact. You can spend many hours reviewing MSM footage, and other footage and you will not see any real violence, or real carnage and real death—which is not to say that there was no Hollywood production of fake blood and fake rescue work—as ridiculous and amateurish as it was acted out. It was there and it was pathetically created as companies that were actually paid taxpayer dollars to pull this off stunt!

Nor can you now find Debbie’s very scrutinizing videos about Stoneman High School on the Internet. She has been smeared and censored in major ways. This is the tragedy for being courageous and seeing and knowing too much. She completely debunked those lies perpetuated by the Powers-that-Be, so closely linked to the Democratic Party and the Deep State. The two citations below used to give you access to the real story of LV and Adelson Sheldon’s newspaper coordinating the lies to the MSM—now dead to anyones’ awareness:

Still there still exists other avenues for learning the truth. See this video of NO BULLET DAMAGE: Las Vegas Shooting FBI Clean Up Part 1 at:

DENVER POST PHOTO—green grass no blood at:

People start collecting items lost during Las Vegas shooting

Items being returned week after Las Vegas shooting tragedy

There is no blood anywhere to be seen on the green grass? Do you know what one bullet of an automatic high-powered gun can likely produce? No evidence of any triage staging areas. Nothing of the kind. Nothing to see here. Move along.

But again the Alt-Right that claims to advocate for the 2nd Amendment allowed this lie (that many died in Las Vegas) to go unchallenged.

They now resort to this same stratagem of ignoring the main lie over and over again—ignoring the realities of fake death that is deliberately being used to push various political aims. Instead they argue for teachers to carry guns etc., and other politically lame arguments because they are reluctant to reveal the big lie—IT IS ALL A SCAM perpetrated by the Powers—That-Be.

No one died at the Pulse Club of Orlando. No one died in Santa Fe Texas despite this little town having dozens and dozens of police cars there—how ironic so much force quickly mustered in a little town for camera footage—all of it lame with no blood anywhere. No one died at Pittsburgh Synagogue. No one died at Thousand Oaks even if the MSM was there almost from the get-go—as if they were aware ahead of time—again how ironic?These are all lies—elaborate conspiracy lies—not theories but actual acted out lies.

Again and again and again and the Democratic Party is about to declare all out war on the 2nd Amendment while the Alt-Right stands by and watches as their feeble responses amount to nothing.

Nor should they put faith in President Donald Trump. Trump is NOT his own man. He is heavily influenced by Zionist powers. Right-wing Zionists helped put him in power and finance him. He has been financed by Zionist bankers. He can cave to Jewish power—a main faction behind destroying the 2nd Amendment.

Meanwhile Alex Jones at his InfoWars empire has been cry-babying about how he “never” said no one died at Sandy Hook. Fifty times it seems Jones has overtly denied being a Sandy Hook denier (and yet Alex Jones likely well knows no one died at Sandy Hook Elementary School—a school by the way was not even open and operating at the time of the supposed mass shooting due to flood damage as permanently closed).

Yes Alex Jones was being called out by Megan Kelly on his earlier statements regarding Sandy Hook and his initial interview with Wolfgang Halbig. But then due to fear of repercussions he has backtracked.

Surely the MSM still have a lot of power and influence, such as with Congress and society. Surely it can be intimidating to speak truth to power in such allegation—that is to call out just how corrupt this society, government and media is and has been. There is a reason this article is authored as anonymous—the corrupt do not play fairly. It is a dangerous task to make such statements.

It is practical to self-censor for survival purposes—especially in a time of massive censorship and espionage on citizens. This is understandable.

But this is still to society’s detriment.

Americans are loosing their freedoms and civil rights at a rapid rate. We as a society have never seen so many levels of deceit and real conspiracy as we do in these days having such consequence at home—and yet the levels of deceit have been high on important matters for decades.

It is not a coincidence there was an orchestrated shooting in Thousand Oaks California right after the Democrats stole and manipulated so much of the Californian vote and Democrats supposedly retook the House of Representatives. Furthermore Nancy Pelosi announces one of the biggest goal of their work is gun control? See:

And it should be noted the Gun Control agenda has been a Zionist agenda. And truth is not anti-Semitic—even though it often is labeled as such. Many outspoken leaders pushing gun control are Jewish. This agenda has a long history. It is not just Pelosi, Feinstein and Schumer. See:

What's the deal with Jews and gun control?

Organized Jews Are the Driving Force Behind Gun Control

Who is Behind Gun Control?

Plus it is not just the 2nd Amendment but the 1st Amendment as well that is simultaneously being attacked. People are arguing Democrats did not have a blue wave, but the fact is the leaders in the House will be a nightmare disaster of chaos and unnecessary conflict.

Some of the best investigations on corruption in the FBI/DOJ and by Hilary Clinton was being done by the House committees on judicial affairs and intelligence. That has now been destroyed. For two years the corrupt Democratic Party has already protected Hilary Clinton, the corrupt Democratic Party and the Obama White House as well as the corrupt deep state swamp. For two years we have already had chaos and conflict and now things will get much worse.

The alternative media could have done a lot more in investigating how these House seats could have been stolen—especially electronically through backdoors. They did not. This is disaster for America. The corrupt swamp has held on and now they will be running (ruining) the House.

It is not enough to focus on election fraud in Florida and other random places across the nation. There needs to be a thorough investigation of systemic electronic fraud across the board—and having a Department of Homeland Security that helped cover up the truth of 9/11 is no help.

Blame Trump all you want—everyone knew this train was coming. And the long term consequences can only be imagined.

P.S. Feel free to share, publish, email, etc. by Anonymous.

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