Mongoose: Cities Fighting 5G – 5G Is a Weapons System

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Cities and Residents Are Rejecting the Federal Government’s Roll Out of 5G

Citizen advocate, Gary Gileno, picked up our feature from last week about three cities in Marin County, California, that rejected the federal 5G roll out. He says that the cities passed ordinances, which carry the force of the law, instead of resolutions that are merely statements of opinion. Gileno stresses the point that city councils legally can reject edicts of the federal government.

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Video and Comments Below the Fold

Mark Steele (no relation to Robert Steele), says:

  1. 5G IS UNLAWFUL ILLEGAL & UNINSURABLE. It is an experimental technology and therefore by its own definition is defined as unlawful for use against any population.
  2. 5G is an untested experimental transmitter technology clearly purposed to cause inestimable harm to humans in breach of the Nuremberg code
  3. As a high-gain focusing antenna “RADAR” … is a phase-array target acquiring system, ie: a weapons system, no more – no less.
  4. Phase array radar operates technically out of all accepted guidelines due to the punch out characteristics of the radiation lobes.
  5. The sub GHz frequencies of 5G are specialized to interrogate any built up urban area.
  6. 5G is in breach of human rights laws on Privacy and the ‘Right-to-Life’, ie: a crime against humanity.
  7. 5G is also Densification of antenna increasing the already known biological harm to humans. Microwave radiation emissions in the most up to date published science show the scanning signals are a IARC 1 Carcinogen.
  8. 5G is the backhauling of data from a multitude of devices in and around the urban area and home, designed to be fully operational by 2020/2021. Every currency note will contain RFID tagging – as will all consumables. This will allow big-brother to track and monitor every single item, note, product on earth. The technical capability will be able to ride on the 3D mapping systems to peer into homes, bank-vaults, basements, etc…
  9. Ubiquitous small transmission cells every few hundred yards create an experimental multiplication of radiation frequencies with potential unknown cross-referencing emissions. This directs the resonance potential (which can liquify any material at the molecular level) to destroy art works, wine collection and building fabrics, ie: the capability to take-down all valuable assets, beyond it’s organic destructibility prowess.
  10. Increase to fire risk with the break down of material from resonance as well as gassing-off and priming the environment with an increase in microwave radiation pollution.
  11. Reckless environmental crime killing small pollinators, ie: small birds, bees and any wildlife and smaller biological structures….including children.

MARK STEELE is Chief Technology officer at Reevu. Technical adviser to the Saveusnow Party, legally qualified, researcher, Inventor, & patent writer, Expertise in materials fatigue and optical radiation spectrum.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I consider 5G the single worst modern technology after nuclear power. I would remind readers that states can overturn federal mandates, and local communities can overturn state mandates. It is absolutely vital that everyone refuse to allow 5G technology to be installed. I would also note that 5G is easier to hack than most realize, and easier to use to burn down houses by design. 5G is a weapons system. It must not be allowed to proliferate.

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