Mongoose: How the Left and Leftist Non-Profits Coach Illegal Aliens to Game the System

Corruption, Government, Law Enforcement

From an Alert Reader.

In the James O'Keefe undercover style, we see how NGOs and attorneys retained by the UN and NGOs teach illegals to cry, throw up, moan, become sick and “play the part” in order to be admitted in the US.  They teach what works.  Otherwise, they wouldn't.

Those NGOs do not pay taxes, fraudulent charity obliges.  We, Americans and Europeans do, and we end up supporting that enormous scam in which everybody gets rich but the taxpayers.

Video and personal text of testimony from border observer below the fold.

I, personally, deal with it two or three times a week when interpreting on the phone for Border Patrol.  And more often than not, the illegal seeking asylum plays the part so well that a conversation may start, under lengthy questioning, as: “Sir, under section 212 A6Bi and under section 212 A7Ai of the IN Act, you're not a bonified asylum seeker and you have willfully committed fraud.  As a result, you will not be allowed entry in the US.”

Period.  It should be the end of the discussion.  It never is.

I marvel at the discipline and patience US Border Patrol agents demonstrate every single time. We do not recognize their dedication enough. Those people have more restraint than I could ever muster.  Respectful, courteous, fair.  They go by the book and they really do.

The crying, the screaming and the throwing up start and go on for an hour with endless rambling and… the person is then respectfully told: “Ok Sir (or Madam): you are going to go back to the waiting room.  It may take a few hours but you will be taken to detention in the US and remain there until you can go before a judge here, who will make the final decision.  I will come and get you to fingerprint and photograph you and an officer will take you to the detention center.  We will be holding all of your things in storage here, until a decision has been made by the judge and here are two bags to take ONLY what you will absolutely need while in detention.  We are no longer refusing you entry.  A judge will make the decision.”

Within 48 hours, the illegal has an attorney provided by different NGOs (I.R.C. comes heavily to mind but Catholic and Lutheran charities are deeply involved as well and so are others I forgot) and I also happen to interpret between the illegal I sometimes remember from a few days before, and the attorney, and it is highly irregular.

From what I understand, those conversations are not recorded.  They ought to be.  I'm held to an ethic code.  Apparently, in immigration matters, there is no such thing but I, the interpreter, am recorded and listened to by my agency, to make sure that I really, really, interpreted word for word.

Those attorneys literally coach the illegal on what to tell the judge and how, and what to absolutely omit.  They teach them how to answer directly a direct question (most don't know how and hang themselves by talking, talking, talking) and the charity-paid immigration attorneys teach them how to shut up and say only what the judge will want to hear to make a favorable decision: “Where you tortured? Do you have scars? Who tortured you? Was your life in danger? Were you ever imprisoned? Do you know anyone who was tortured ?” (Yes, my friend was. He was never the same after that. What's his name ? I don't know his last name but we were in the same opposition party. My family was threatened.  No, they stayed in Kinshasa.  My kids are still there too. I had to leave them behind because if I come here, I can send them money and help them escape).

They may remain in detention for a few days, weeks or months, at our expense.  They keep their cellphones in detention! (Their cellphone always can be charged on our current and with our cables! How can that be when I can't use mine in… Europe? Or… Africa? And even in detention, their phone bill is paid!! By whom?) They all paid money to smugglers in their own country (usually around $6,000) before leaving and their trip was organized ahead of time for them: Congo to Turkey. (Always Turkey). Turkey to Ecuador or Brazil, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, etc.

Somewhere on the way, their papers (passport and such) are always “stolen but no one ever steals their cellphone or the $500 in cash they have on them at the border and they always have a point of contact in every country they land in, even though they never speak Turkish, Portuguese or Spanish.  It is never a smuggler but “the friend of a friend I met in Congo, Turkey, Nicaragua or elsewhere”.  They meet “friends” all along the way and no question ever asked.

And they are always from “Congo Kinshasa” but I know better from having grown up in Africa.  I know those from RCA, Ivory Coast, Brazzaville or Kinshasa just by how they speak French.  I interpret for all of them, I am not allowed to say a word but I know they are lying about their origin almost from the very first word they utter.  Accents don't lie.

I handle Border Patrol calls from our border with Canada too.  I've never read NAFTA and I don't even know if it is public knowledge but… Congo to Canada and/or Morocco to Canada and Canada to the US… At the risk of sounding judgmental, Trudeau is a whore.

And then, I interpret in person, in drug trafficking cases such as this one: Quebecers’ plane, full of coke, lands at OU airport or this one Troopers seize $6.3 million worth of cocaine in Ohio Turnpike traffic stop

Federal or state court cases, arraignments, hearings and everything, and day-long proffers (first one who talks gets the deal) from one of the Canadians, who will probably not live long… before guys from different So. American countries, US Border Patrol, DEA, FBI, Canadian Mounties, Interpol, you name them; tales of Canadian truckers coming here to pick up or drop off drug, drug money and girls or bring them back up North and… whatever is involved in this gigantic multi-country trafficking. Cross-border trucking is very dirty business.   And hush, hush, hush, with the US defense teams hired and paid by attorneys in Canada representing the drug lords and very chummy judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys always meeting in chambers to suppress evidence.

Typically, proffers are supposed to be confidential and are never mentioned in the criminal cases at all even though it's done all the time, evidence is suppressed all the time and the entire judicial system appears to be getting a cut of the action.

The only people who don't appear to be on the take are the border patrols and customs agents and they have their hands tied anyway.

I am a Catholic girl.  Sin is yelling at your kid instead of showing patience, kicking the dog in a fit of anger or forgetting to leave a Christmas envelope for the mailman, for Pete’s sake !

I make my living but… kill-me-now would really do for me.  Do I really want to learn all this? Interpreters have a front-row seat on all the dirt and corruption but they have that B.S “Code of conduct” that no one else appears to have…

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