Mongoose: Israel Bribes (and Blackmails) Most Members of Congress

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Midterm scoreboard reveals massive pro-Israel influence on Congressional candidates

Senate Scoreboard

House of Representatives Scoreboard

Phi Beta Iota: The dollars donated to campaigns are understated.  There is a vast amount of illegal support to include tens of millions of dollars worth of in-kind support such as the Zionist controlled social media and rendered with Anti-Defamation League being the primary means of directing prejudicial actions against conservatives while also manipulating polls and trends to favor “their” favorites, e.g. Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. The scoreboard also does not reflect the degree to which the Zionists are using blackmail such as videos made by Jeffrey Epstein, among many others, capturing members entraped in pedophilia and drug situations. America First?  Not a chance.  Most Members have sold us out. This is why the President must commit to #UNRIG.

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Robert Steele & Cynthia McKinney: Former Representative and Intelligence Official Team Up to Unrig Elections

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