Jean James: Broken and Corrupt Police Forces in Collusion with Broken and Corrupt Judges, Lawyers, and Accounting Firms – A UK Case Study

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Jean James

British born Canadian, Jean James, is a visual artist, writer, and researcher, with a particular interest in organised crime and public sector corruption. Since her family was defrauded in 2007 by criminals using the British Court of Protection as a tool, she discovered the racketeering that targets the elderly and vulnerable in the UK. Her research has put her in touch with numerous other victims whom the British state and police have also refused to protect. She encourages all British subjects to work together to expose crime and corruption, and restore fairness and equality in the British justice system, and take back their power.

A broken police force is great for the super-rich. But not for the rest of us

Huge underfunding means that the illicitly wealthy escape the clutches of the law – and everyday crimes go unpunished

“We cannot go after the people with real money,” one senior official explained. “If we did, we’d burn through our budget fighting their expensive lawyers in judicial reviews.” Instead, these agencies focus on trying to “change the climate”.

In light of above, I offer the following extended commentary:

Mr. Hopkins’ excellent article confirms what literally of victims of white collar crime have been saying for decades: British police refuse to investigate fraud and other white collar crimes, telling the totally asset-stripped to fight the crimes in civil court – presumably on the social benefits that many are reduced to after being left with nothing but the clothes on their backs in many instances. We know for a fact that officers are being told that “fraud is a civil matter”, when the whole world knows that it is not, and that some of them appear to truly believe it.

Patrick Cullinane (in the video) was a victim of joint enterprise crime and corruption involving entities embedded in Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, other public institutions, and perhaps others outside government. He lost his home and all his assets, his family, and his fiance. He lost his health and his whole future, and the British government sat on their hands and did nothing whatsoever to help him even after the Guardian investigated his case and proved that he was not guilty of tax evasion or any other crime. This is also the case for the thousands of others who have been defrauded by the criminals who are embedded in every single public department, including the courts and Land Registry.

This man was right all along

Patrick Cullinane has fought a running battle with the Inland Revenue since the day he was accused of not paying income tax. And the taxman fought dirty – so dirty he lost his home and nearly lost his sanity. Now, a batch of confidential documents reveal fatal weaknesses in the Revenue’s case. Phillip Inman reports

Police and the Law Society agree not to investigate each other, which is why victims can never find proper legal counsel to help them. The victims are, in effect, blacklisted by the legal profession and denied justice.

EDM 516: Reporting of Fraud

This is British justice at its finest.

Mr. Cullinane advised me that the State tried to pay him off to shut him up, but the so-called compensation included a gagging order so that he could not campaign for justice for anyone else in similar circumstances. He refused to accept their offer and gagging order. Many victims have attended meetings and given presentations to the House of Lords in Westminster, but nothing has ever been done to help them.

As Mr. Cullinane discloses in the video, the state tried to subject him to mental health sectioning.

Please note carefully that this is, without a doubt, being employed wholesale to silence whistle blowers all over the UK. Another such case is that of Carol Woods – a whistle blowing social worker, whose house was stolen in a joint enterprise involving Lancashire County Council, HM Tribunals, the Insolvency Service, Lancashire Police, and the Land Registry. Although she was alleged to be bankrupt, there is no record of any bankruptcy in Chancery, and yet her assets were liquidated and sold. This was arranged by Lancashire County Council so that they could recover their costs in employment tribunals in which Carol Woods made allegations against them and, I believe, won. She never received the monies that were awarded to her by a judge in the Royal Courts of Justice. The Insolvency Service, Blackpool Branch, appeared very nervous indeed when inquiries were made about the case and the Receiver.

There are many cases of police throwing victims of crime into, for example, Styal Prison (as in the case of Carol Woods), without any court hearing or judicial action whatsoever. They did it frequently and persistently, alternating that with sending her to mental health units.

Whistle blower and institutionalised child sexual abuse survivor, Melanie Shaw, was imprisoned for speaking out about a V.I.P. paedophile ring operating out of Beechwood Childrens Home in Nottingham when, as a child, she was living there, and was recently kept in solitary confinement for almost two years. She was allegedly pushed, psychologically, to the point of starting a fire in her cell. The triumphant authorities then charged her with arson. She was also ‘ghosted’ from prison to prison, and Styal prison in the north west of England appears to be the prison of choice, no matter where in the UK the female victim is located. We think the corruption goes deeper than one delinquent officer:

HMP Styal: Prison officer arrested in corruption probe

HM Inspector of Prisons, Mr. Peter Clarke, is aware of the Melanie Shaw case. He and Prisons Minister, Rory Stewart, are copied into this communication. Obviously there is no proper auditing taking place, as prisoners appear in prisons as “special prisoners”, meaning that there is no legal paperwork for them, and police and/or private security firms are putting people in prison unlawfully and without the knowledge of the courts – hence the necessary ghosting from prison to prison.

There is a major case involving, not only ghosting in the UK, but hands across the sea to Germany and Austria, where the perfectly sane, London-born British and German dual citizen, Peter Hofschroer, has been transported out of the country and unlawfully incarcerated for life in the Sigmund Freud Klinikum state mental hospital in Graz, and allegations have been made against British police and the Foreign Office regarding a joint enterprise with Austrian and German officials.

So this gives you some further insight as to how crime is organised in the UK. Not all police are party to it, but some are. Presumably, it may have something to do with Operation Tiberius and the Freemasons.

Revealed: How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police

Gangsters able to recruit police officers through secret society, says investigation for Scotland Yard

Good Chief Constables, such as Mike Veale, for example, get victimised for doing their jobs.

May God bless officers like Mike Veale, because we need more like him.

Helen Grant, a partner in a private law firm, was embedded in the Ministry of Justice. As a justice minister, she had no intention of investigating any allegations of crime and corruption, as she so clearly states in the below letter to Mr. Henry Bellingham.

Mr. Bellingham, incidentally, did excellent work in disclosing the the criminality of bailiffs operations and unlawful evictions taking place without due process of the courts all over the UK. However, it is still going on, and people’s houses are being stolen by organised criminals with law degrees, insolvency practitioners, and criminals in the banking fraternity, and others acting outside of the law and without following proper court procedures. They are assisted in this by the courts themselves, with criminals working inside the courts, and certain members of the judiciary.

Mrs. Grant was subsequently reshuffled to be Minister of Sport and Culture after the attachment went public. However, nothing has ever been done by the British government to help victims of serious white collar crime, some of whom have been begging for justice for thirty years or more. Many have died with stress related disease, or committed suicide. Patrick Cullinane, may he rest in peace, was found dead the day before he was due to go to court as a McKenzie Friend, assisting a victim of Metropolitan Police corruption who had been unlawfully deported from the country, presumably because she had an ongoing private prosecution case against the Metropolitan Police.

Police and State have, for decades, actively perverted the course of justice. The Treasury deliberately underfunds police and, in exchange, does not hold them to account when they refuse to investigate financial and other crimes. It is generally believed that the British elite, politicians, and members of the deep state welcome this lack of investigation, along with the criminals with law and accounting degrees, and that this lack of investigation is bringing the country to its knees with serious organised, transnational, white collar crime. This is normalisation of deviance, and the UK is about to fall flat on its face – not because of Brexit, but because it has been fostering and proliferating white collar crime, both in the City of London and beyond, since the City’s inception. Many of those in power, along with the deep state and a prospering criminal joint enterprise comprising the very rich and elite, are involved with tax avoidance/evasion at the very least.

Some are named here:

Allegations have been made against Grant Thornton in the joint enterprise contrived to manufacture Michelle Young’s fraudulent insolvency. Despite being approached by Gordon Bowden with an offer to share his 16 years worth of investigations into 209,000 shell companies registered to one address in Golders Green, London, no police force in the UK has shown any interest in investigating. Presumably this is because of the people he can name, and the fact that British police refuse to investigate government departments. This policy was confirmed to me by a City of London Police officer in 2010 or thereabouts.

It has been alleged that company formations firms use the information they have obtained in the formation of companies to steal the customers’ assets at a later date. As an example, information can be found online and in YOUTUBE regarding the Carroll Foundation and the Maryland Trust. Sky News produced a documentary about the collapse of Gerald Carroll’s empire. It is very interesting, and has been uploaded to YOUTUBE in three parts. Mr. Carroll still has not received justice, even after more than twenty years, and even after being close to those at the very top of society. Maybe it was foolish of a grammar school boy to think he could rub shoulders with high society mobsters and not get hurt. Like all the others, he will likely die before justice is seen to be done, because there is no justice in the UK and no remedy at all.

Suspicious ‘suicides’ happen daily and, just as in Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, and present day Austria, to name a few, the mental hospitals and prisons in the UK conceal perfectly sane whistle blowers and victims of serious organised crime, including crimes against children.The entire British Establishment befriended and protected child abuser and necrophiliac, Jimmy Savile, going so far as to send him as an ambassador to Israel, with former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, inviting this rough, uncouth DISC JOCKEY and ‘so called’ entertainer to her country residence for eleven consecutive Christmases, and (presumably) the Minister of Health was the one to give him a master key, office, and accommodation in a mental hospital. The key also gave him access to the mortuary.

Queen Elizabeth II knighted this maniac, and he also received a Papal Knighthood from Rome.

Theresa May (nicknamed by the British ‘Treason May’) is up to her neck in this criminal joint enterprise because she had done nothing whatsoever in her prior capacity as Home Secretary or in her current capacity as Prime Minister, to quell the crime – hence her most suitable nickname. As long as she refuses to appropriately finance police, Europe and the rest of the globe can whistle for British police co-operation when investigating international crime of any kind, because they don’t have the money and resources, and Mrs. May is happy to use them as scapegoats. The European Union is happy to see the UK brought to its knees under the weight of organised crime festering in the City of London,  and the British courts and legal system, which are, in turn, aided by corrupt legal and financial professionals both in the private sector and the public sector. These criminals are not following CPR rules in the courts, avoiding filing fees by not opening Caseman files, obtaining judgments in their favor by false instrumentation, perjury, and forgery – and members of the judiciary, court workers, and administration are facilitating law breaking under the radar, while the British parliamentarians, with a few exceptions, such as Mr. Paul Flynn and Mr.Henry Bellingham, look the other way.

People’s homes and businesses are being stolen; they are forced into fraudulent bankruptcies; their children are being stolen and sold under false pretences, and much more. This is all with the blessing of Theresa May et al, and the Crown, and it is transnational serious organised crime.

It is foolish to take legal business to the British courts or invest monies in the UK. You may be aware of allegations made by Janan Harb that the Foreign Office is involved in perverting the course of justice in favour of the Saudis.

The UK is signatory to various international conventions to combat serious organised crime, AND IT IS NOT LIVING UP TO THE AGREEMENTS. This affects YOUR country  thwarts YOUR country’s police efforts, and wastes YOUR country’s crime fighting and national defence budgets. It’s time to put political pressure on Mrs. May and her CONservative party, along with the Head of State. They are all simply living a lie and telling victims to “eat cake”.

You may also wish to take a look at the organisation, Common Purpose, which operates throughout the world, including North America and Australia. It purports to be a charity engaged in education but, in fact, has a political and/or subversive agenda. It utlises neurolinguistic programming (NLP), to subvert the minds of public servants, including police, who attend their costly ‘educational’ seminars paid for by the taxpayer. Founded and run by an individual called Julia Mary Middleton (nee Morland) born 21 April 1958. You may be able to get a sense of the ‘cut’ of her from her photographs online. Using NLP, the workshop instructors programme public servants to act beyond their authority. Common Purpose may be a contributing factor to the joint enterprise crime and corruption across government departments, NGOs, charities, etc. worldwide.We are already aware that some charities are used for money laundering and are not fit for purpose.

One particular human rights organization has told me that they “don’t do anything. We just ‘watch’.”

We believe the charity, Core Assets, which goes by the name of Key Assets in Canada, USA, and Australia, is also worthy of scrutiny for reasons that I would not like to go into here. The UK is the only country in the EU that legally allows children to be taken by their parents, by force if necessary, and be given out for PERMANENT adoption without the consent of the parents. The ‘Adoption Industry’ is, I am told, a 2 billion pound industry in the UK alone. Most likely this is the reason why children are being taken from their parents without just cause, and even firstborns are being taken in the delivery room, where birth mothers have recounted that a large number of police and social workers were involved in the removal of the child.

ROBERT STEELE: As Chief Counsel for the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse I am privy to startling detail not available from the corrupt and captured Mainstream Media (MSM) with respect to the acute corruption in the monetization of children, of the elderly, of those with wealth who are not protected by the Deep State, and finally, to the manner in which the corruption judicial and law enforcement systems are able to jail (and when desired, murder) people with impunity, particularly whistle-blowers.  It is also outrageous for anyone to say they do not have the budget they need, when the proper exercise of their duties would result in asset confiscation equal to the entire budget of the government. It is my hope that when the current Commission concludes its focus on pedophilia, it will launch two new tracks, one focusing on how a combination of doctors, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, and sheriffs prey on the elderly (drug them, declare them incompetent, make the a ward of the state, terminate them, and take their estate with percentages to all involved in this crime); and the second on how the “big eight” accounting firms are part of the Rothschild criminal network and in collusion with the Vatican and the Zionist Chabad Supremacist Cult to use the legal systems of all countries to both steal with impunity, and to silence witnesses with impunity.  There is much good work to be done.

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