Robert Steele: False Flag Thousand Oaks – Patsy Brought in Already Dead, Multiple Shooters, Real Dead?

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

People I trust are telling me that the Thousand Oaks shooting was done by multiple shooters who brought the dead patsy in with them. I believe this. No one, ever, gets 12 dead with 30 rounds.

Everyone else is a crisis actor and/or being paid off and intimidated into lying through a national security warrant.

I continue to be outraged by the extent to which FEMA is willing and able to do false flag operations, generally with fake dead (Pittsburgh Synagogue). I wonder if the Thousand Oaks shooting with real dead (I have yet to see the bodies) is intended to distract from the obvious falseness of the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting. The will be a Day of Atonement for all these sins.

I am going to sit back and observe until Monday, at which time I will update this post. I doubt that all the participants could survive a Marine Corps interrogation team and polygraph examination, especially when confronted with a Presidential order negating any extant national security warrants (legalized lying).

I continue to believe the President needs a “Tactical Response Team” that can fly in and inspect any scene, following proper procedures, but to include a complete video taping of the scene and under oath interviews of all participants.  I believe the President and the American people are being lied to about each and every one of these so-called “mass casualty” events.

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