Veterans Today: Cosmic Fascism — The Plan

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Illegal immigation, mind-control, false flag operations — all part of destroying nations.

Alert  Reader say:

The ultimate goal appears to be the creation of Cosmic Fascism, marked by a 90% decrease (sacrifice to Lucifer) of 90% of all humans, and the creation of a replacement hybrid race of genetically engineered. cloned, hived replacements that are part machine and part bio. These experiments to create such a satanic monster race have been ongoing in the DUMBs such as Dulce which is a joint operation between various DOD contractors like LM and select “Fallen Ones” (not kidding here).

The real reasons for this Cabal financed and directed immigration into Europe and the USA is to destroy Sovereignty, borders, language and culture and to make the populace so angry they will shift to Fascism. This was done with the Treaty of Versailles in WWI to punish Germany to the point it would set the stage for Hitler. The immigrants will be the New Jews. The new fascism will be Cosmic Fascism.

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