Yoda: Crap News Network Attacks US Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith for Being Right About the Confederacy

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Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith pushed resolution praising Confederate soldier's effort to ‘defend his homeland'

Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith once promoted a measure that praised a Confederate soldier's effort to “defend his homeland” and pushed a revisionist view of the Civil War.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: The rest of the Crap News Network article seeks to defame SenatorHyde-Smith with a narrative that is ignorant of history and disrespectful of the culture. The war between the states was a war of secession not a civil war.  We have too many unethical ignorant people that do not know the difference.  A civil war is between two parties seeking to control the whole.  A war of secession is between two parties, one of them seeking to leave the other — much as the USA left the British. Anyone who calls the war between the states a Civil War is either stupid or unethical. Senator Hyde-Smith is on solid ground in all that she has done to respect the South and the Confederacy, and I for one — if ever elected President — would push back on all these Deep State assholes seeking to divide and diminish. Crap News Network does not deserve to be in business.

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