Yoda: EXPLOSIVE – The Full Undercover Documentary “The Lobby” on the Zionist Subversion of US Economy, Government, Media, and Society

Corruption, Cultural Intelligence, Government, Peace Intelligence

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Watch the film the Israel lobby didn’t want you to see

The film was made by Al Jazeera during 2016 and was completed in October 2017.

But it was censored after Qatar, the gas-rich Gulf emirate that funds Al Jazeera, came under intense Israel lobby pressure not to air the film.

Now The Electronic Intifada can reveal for the first time that it has obtained all four parts of the film.

You can watch the first two parts in the video embeds above and below.

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Phi Beta Iota: Zionist influence in the USA, most of it based on bribery, blackmail, and the illegal penetration of communications and computing systems such that they achieve insider information in advance of the marketplace, is the parasite that is killing the Republic. Zionists are not to be confused with Jews — the first group is a state-sponsored terrorist and criminal network, while the second group is a legitimate religion that does not prejudice assimilation and loyalty to their country of citizenship.

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