Betty Boop: Two Drones Shut Down Key Airport — Over & Over…. UPDATE 2

Drones & UAVs, Government, Ineptitude, Law Enforcement, Military

now multiply by 100, choosing key Western cities…

Holiday chaos as drones shut London’s Gatwick Airport

Phi Beta Iota: The West assumes impunity from interruption and is not ready for asymetric rear area attacks. An electromagnetic pulse gun in a helicopter would have been able to fry these drones on the spot. In a worst case a machine gunner, shooting downwards.  No one wants to think about this stuff….too inconvenient.


The UK military is now providing electromagnetic weaponry capable of bringing down any drone, and the police, to their enormous credit, have managed to identify and arrest two elderly individuals — this was neither terrorism nor hooliganism — mature adults doing incredibly stupid things endangering hundreds and inconveniencing thousands.  Sadly, this could be done, on a no notice basis, to airports all over the world and — if the drones were treated as disposable — done without risk of capture for those doing the asymmetric attacks on aviation “op tempo.”


The couple has been released.  The UK Government has no clue who did this. Hopefully the captured drones will yield fingerprints and DNA.

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