Koko: What If “The Wall” Generated Solar Power?

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Alert Reader writes in…

The number of solar panels that could be put along the “Trumps wall” should be able to create as much electrical power as something like the hoover dam.

Electrical power that mexico could pay for, as Trump intended.

It is just a matter of working out the business systems to employ and generate a business plan. Which you are welcome to look at.

Only you have been sent this stuff with a closer look at the situation.

Two walls…….side by side…..would allow immigrant segregation….and safety….and also would be suitable for moving military vehicles from one place to another unobserved.

That military locations could be established at certain locations along the wall to enable unexpected and rapid deployment.

Once two walls are present then various types of roofing options could be developed. Various types of fences could be set in place so as to provide effectively four walls and a roof.

1000 miles of solar panels, with ten solar panels per house normally,would provide at 4 foot wide. 5200÷4 = 1300 solar panels for 130 homes. Over 1000 miles being 130,000 homes.

With double the number of solar panels. And doubled again…..there are prospects for electricity for some 500,000 homes.

Which at $200 per month each is $100 million per month. Which is $1.2 Billion per year. So that over 5 years Mexico could pay for $6 Billion of the wall. AT LEAST.

As well as an ongoing music festival all the way along it. As a tour de force of USA native Indian music and other USA music.

Which is pretty much Mr Popularity stuff.

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