Mike Adams: CONVERGENCE – The inescapable explanation that connects all world events unfolding now… can you handle the cosmic truth?

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CONVERGENCE: The inescapable explanation that connects all world events unfolding now… can you handle the cosmic truth?

Let’s begin by considering the global convergence of the following 12 events and trends:

1) The desperate effort by globalists to end all national sovereignty

2) The aggressive ramping up of efforts to disarm all law-abiding citizens

3) The “blowout” economics of endless money creation

4) The terraforming of planet Earth with “stratospheric aerosol injections”

5) The increasing talk by cultural leaders and thought leaders about escaping Earth and colonizing Mars

6) The rapid acceleration of cultural attacks on fertility, masculinity and male biology, almost as if everyone has been ordered to declare sperm to be evil and children to be toxic to the world.

7) The global installation of 5G cell towers

8) The complete transformation of the food supply from something that once nourished humankind to a vector for the mass poisoning of humankind.

9) The utter collapse of logic, reason and rationality, to the point where nearly half the population of America’s youth now believe that men can get pregnant and that chromosomes have nothing at all to do with gender.

10) The increasing celebration of Satan and death, including Planned Parenthood abortion centers and Satan-worshiping religious movements.

11) The increasing concentration of all power and influence into the hands of the few, from search engines and online censorship to media publishers and government bureaucrats.

12) The sense of panic and urgency among globalists to defeat nationalism, free thinking and individual liberty, almost as if they are in a race to enslave the population of the planet before some ominous, looming deadline.

Earth is the prize — Earth without humanity.

Global leaders believe they will be spared if they obediently turn over the human race for systematic extermination.

Global wars and strife are intended to create global chaos, out of which the UN will assert global authority to oversee humankind’s efficient extermination

In order to save itself, humanity must do two things:

1) Defeat the globalists who now control all information, speech, thoughts, money, “news,” “facts,” medicine, technology, education and science. These globalists must not merely be stripped of power; they must be eliminated from the future of human civilization and never allowed to rise to power again.

2) Radically transform humanity into something it currently is not: A race of civilized, rational, compassionate and informed beings who hold Life to be sacred and can serve as ethical stewards of planetary resources.

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