Robert Steele: Mattis Resignation Most Helpful — Reaction of Congress Reveals Degree to Which ALL Members are Bribed and Blackmailed by Zionist Israel and US Military-Industrial Complex UPDATE 8

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

The resignation of James Mattis as Secretary of Defense is both necessary and timely. The Secretary of Defense simply does not “get” that the Koreas will be unified, denuclearized, and demilitarized; that most if not all US bases overseas will be closed starting in Germany and the Italy and Japan; and that it was  the Zionists, not Iran, that did the Marine Beirut Barracks bombing. As with so many in Washington, he has reached the limits of his capabilities and is not ready for the brave new world that is going to include extraterrestrial disclosure and the termination of mind-control, geoengineering, and the Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB) that SecDef has probably not been fully briefed on.

SecDef simply does not “get” that President Trump must achieve an end to elective wars and predatory unilateral militarism abroad (as well as CIA's smuggling of drugs, guns, gold, cash, and small children), if he is to get a grip on the US Government that supports multiple elite crime families including the Bush and Clinton crime families particularly.

Of equal value to all of us — and to President Trump — is the “bi-partsian” dismay over this resignation.  That tells us all we need to know about the plain fact that most Republican members of Congress are just as worthless as most Democratic members of Congress, and a wholesale turnover of Congress is needed in 2020.

With the exception of myself and a couple of others (none of us being listened to), no one in Washington has conceptualized a Grand Strategy for global engagement (Diplomacy, Development, Defense, & Commerce or D3C), nor specified the steps that need to be  taken to both cut the Department of Defense budget in half (half of the budget is documented waste) while also creating a competent combined arms force that can win wars.

No one is serious about our vulnerabilities with respect to satellites, geospacial information, communication and computing long compromised by the Zionists and others, or the plain fact that we need to end the use of contractors as heavy lifters at the operational and tactical levels.

I have no idea who the President might be considering as a replacement, but pray  that he will select someone who actually understands that DoD is a paper tiger whose primary mission in life is to serve as a funnel for ripping off the US taxpayer and channeling hard-earned taxpayer dollars and very stupidly borrowed dollars to the 1%  that own the pay to play system.

My prayers are with the President, may  God shine his light on the President, and help him select a SecDef with the intelligence, integrity, and imagination to understand that cutting DoD in half is how we both end all of the black projects that are destroying the Republic and the world; and begin the process of cutting the Federal government in half, while making America stronger — great — again.

God Bless America.



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I pray that our President consults Senator Rand Paul on who might thread the needle between the President's vision and the Rand vision of a foreign policy of freedom (peace, commerce, and honest friendship).  The next Secretary of Defense will, I pray, be chosen in consultation with Senator Rand Paul who stood tall on Yemen and restored the role of the Senate in relation to war.  The next Secretary of Defense should be able to execute a broad reform of national security that is job and revenue neutral from district to district (hint: closing all foreign bases and bringing those troops and their wallets home while also terminating tax-payer hand-outs to dictators frees up hundreds of billions of dollars for direct investment here at home.  We can:

  1. Create a military that can win wars
  2. End 50% waste across DoD
  3. Beat swords into plowshares — spend what we save here at home

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Gordon Duff, a most extraordindary and well-connected individual, replayed the above without the graphic and added links at Veterans Today with the more salacious title, Mattis Resignation Reveals Zionist Bribery, and then posted this using the graphic and material I had given him in the past. I would certainly support anyone that thinks along these lines and would be honored to serve the President and the Republic in any way.

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Ray McGovern offers sound commentary below that is quite damning to the Marine Corps culture of obedience to illegal orders and disobedience of legal orders.  Separately many are discussing how to stop the Zionists from bribing and blackmailing the Senators when the President nominates someone who is committed to peace in the Middle East starting with the denuclearization of Israel.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I recognized Mattis' letter as the mealy-mouthed hypocritical bullshit that it is, but so many people are puffing this crap up that I feel it is time to pop the bubble on each paragraph.

…in defense of our citizens and our ideals.

Bullshit. DoD is 50% waste and the primary source of terror and war across the planet.  What is done in our name is a crime against humanity.  While 90% of the people in DoD are good people trapped in a bad system, they don't challenge the unconstitutional elective wars, the drone assassinations, the rendition & torture, the toxic poisoning of foreign lands, the bribery of tens of thousands, and more, the “business as usual of the Department of War.

…on a more sound budgetary footing.

Bullshit. Could not be audited; $43 trillion (compounded from the original $2.3 trillion is still missing, still 50% waste and still buying crap like the USS Gerald Ford, the F-35, and the new “light” gun for the US Army.

…improving readiness and lethality in our forces.

Bullshit. Aviation is 40% ready, ships are under-manned and under-performing, ground troops are exhausted and keep casualties down by hiding in fortified outposts, and the lethality can still not be guided because intelligence is totally ineffective on a fast-moving tactical battlefield.

…to prevail in conflict and sustain strong U.S. global influence.

Bullshit. We are the problem not the solution. DoD is the enforcer for the banks — the 1%, the cabal, and the Zionist underbelly of the cabal.  Our President nailed it: 7 trillion spent in the Middle East, nothing to show for it.

…our unique and comprehensive system of alliances and partnerships.

Bullshit. We pay, everyone else steals. Taxpayers support 39 of the 42 dictators in the world (the only three we don't like are Cuba, Iran, and North Korea and even there Obama gave Iran billions).

…US remains  the indispensable nation in the free world.

Bullshit. The US is not indispensable and should not be fighting foreign wars, and the world is not free because of us, it is enslaved because of us — we are the enforcers for the banks and dictators and globalist regimes such as France and Germany.

…NATO's 29 democracies demonstrated that strength in their commitment to fighting alongside us following the 9-11 attack on America.

Bullshit. Not only did we attack ourselves, Dick Cheney enabling the Zionist planning and execution of 9/11, but in the seventeen years that have followed everyone else has provided lip service and we have accomplishing nothing other than death & destruction at great expense.

…we must be resolute and unambiguous in our approach to … China and Russia …

Bullshit.  This is the central paragraph, worthy of a full read. Mattis is delusional in thinking that we are any better than China or Russia when we impose unilateral militarism, virtual colonialism, and predatory capitalism on everyone else, while looting the natural resources of the world. China and Russia are cutting trade deals that give them win-win access  to resources, while we lie, cheat, steal, and murder to get our way.  Enough, already.

… clear-eyes about both malign actors and strategic competitors…

Bullshit. We have met the enemy and the enemy is us. We are shitting in our own well, poisoning our people, geo-engineering natural disasters, and failing to govern in accordance with the US Constitution. White people are being genocided while people of color are being abused as they have over centuries. We have no Grand Strategy and no plan for Making America Great Again.

… strengthened in this effort by the solidarity of our alliances.

Bullshit. Everyone calls us the “useful idiots” and laughs as they pick our pocket and go on about their business.

The end date of my tensure is February 28, 2019.

Bullshit. Fire his ass on 3 January 2019. I and other good candidates are available for immediate consideration.  No good can come of allowing this toxic under-performing individual to remain in office.

…Congressional posture hearings and the NATO Defense Ministerial meeting in February.

Bullshit. Convene a Grand Strategy round-table and withdraw from NATO. There is absolutely nothing worthwhile in the pipeline for the simple reason we don't have a grand strategy, don't have a force structure derived from a grand strategy, and are incapable of doing much of anything other than spending money.

…pledge my full effort to a smooth transition.

Bullshit.  We've hit bottom. Dismiss the Secretary and start over.


Trump, Angry Over Mattis’s Rebuke, Removes Him 2 Months Early

We anticipate a nomination no later than 15 January and possible as early as 3 January when Congress is scheduled to return.


Shanahan Sec of Defense Appt is Grotesque Joke; It Pierces the Veil

The appointment of Patrick Shanahan as acting Secretary of Defense is a grotesque joke, the kind you might see in the Onion. Imagine the Onion headline:

Trump Cuts Out Middleman, Appoints Boeing Exec to Head Defense Dept to Expedite boost of Military Spending

Personally, I'd like to see Secretary of Defense be someone who is known for opposing war. That's not going to happen.

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