Worth a Look: Overthrow of the American Republic by Sherman Skolnick (Free Download)

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Overthrow of the American Republic

Sherman Skolnick was the paraplegic Jewish activist who exposed a lot of the judicial corruption in the federal courts in Chicago and sent many federal judges (about 60 or so) to prison under Operation Greylord. Nobody wanted to take him out because he was Jewish and crippled. He was a real character and had informants almost everywhere. Folks would leak to him to get revenge on crooked partners, bad judges and crooked cops, and he would disclose a lot of it on his Cable TV show and articles.

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He exposed the hit on E Howard Hunt's wife (over Watergate) who was taking a payoff made by Pres. Nixon to Chicago. They took the whole airliner down just to get one person (her). They had released poisonous gas in the cockpit to crash it outside Chitown and had FBI Div. 5 on the ground waiting there and they sprayed cyanide gas in all the survivors' faces to finish them off (hunts wife too) not kidding here. Hunt had threatened to spill the beans on what Haldeman and Nixon called the “bay of Pigs thing” which represented Nixon's part in the JFK Assassination. Nixon felt justified because Old Joe Kennedy had stolen the election by making a deal with the Chitown mob through Sam Giancana–however it was Tony Accardo that really ran it for a Red Mafiya man who remained deep in the shadows. Giancana was subpoenaed to appear at the HSCA and was taken out by his personal driver “Larry” who became a CI and was placed in a witness protection plan in Mpls and got into a bit of trouble (that's how I found out–he described himself as a housepainter, the Chitown term for mob hitman–they usually did their hits of other mobsters who broke the rule indoor to avoid witnesses, thus the term house painter because of all the blood on the walls).

Publisher’s Introduction
Introduction by Lenny Bloom
(www.cloak anddagger.de)
Coups and Counter-coups
The Overthrow Begins
The Anthrax Commissars
U.S. Facing Military Disaster?
Disclosures and Financial Crisis?
Crushing Those Who Get in the Way
The Murder of Two Journalists Named Danny
The Split in the American Aristocracy
Coup and Counter-coup
A Letter to Daddy
Black Tuesday: The Big Lie and Dark Truth
Big Noise or Big Truth?
Anthrax Frame-up?
Do Ordinary Americans Understand Espionage?
Is the U.S. Presidency Cursed?
Coup and Counter-coup?
FBI Sought Clamp on Bush Stories
Secret Transcripts Expose Bush
Democrats and GOP in Secret Iraq Deal
The Election Game
Trapping the Grand Old Public Enemy
Treasury Boss Sacked
The Fake Money Business
The Pedophile/Homosexual Underground
Kingdom of Jordan Link
Disasters of Convenience
U.S. Civil/Military Insurrection?
The Bush/Blair Bribery Affair
France’s Plan to Stop America’s Hitler
Most Forbidden Subject: The U.S. Military
Great Storms and Big Lies of History
U.S./IRAQ Plots and Secret Weapons
Saddam Hussein and the Exit Money
The Spiral Staircase to Revolution
High Court and High Crimes
The Judges and the Shadow Government
Testing a Coup
The Making and Breaking of Empires
Fraud upon the Court
Fraud upon the Courts – Part 2
The Artists Who Lived in the WTC
Testing a Coup: The Public Execution of John F Kennedy
Daddy Bush and Teddy Kennedy: The Meeting
Saddam Double-Crossed
Saddam: Prisoner of the Carlyle Group
Senator Cash and Carry
Treasonous Agenda
The Bribery List
Ralph Nader and the Ruling Class
Viet Nam, Madrid, & the Reversal of War Policy
Plan to Attack Syria & Iraq—Saving Bush
Domestic Insurrection
The Hang-Man Cometh!
U.S. – Russian Great Secrets
Wars & Terror – Knowing in Advance
Bush-Kerry Scandal May Trigger Military Coup
US and Israel in a Real World
Iraq and the Euro Protocol
More – How Bush Stole the White House
Bush White House Created Violence
Is a Sneak Attack ‘Okay’?
Buying and Selling Elections
A Puzzle
Buying and Selling the U.S. Presidency
Condoleezza Rice and the Election
La Salle National Bank – Reputed Bribery Center
Coward America
Secrets of the Monopoly Press
The Clinton Syndrome
Bill of Rights ‘Obsolete’?
A 9-11 Murder Triangle
Gangster Assassin Terminated!
Bond Collapse
Bob Woodward Cover-up
London Bombings – To Save Bush / Blair / Queen?
Bush & Co. Facing Prosecution
Treasonous Bush Orders U.S. Troops from Germany to Romania
Bush Indictment Fixing / Bribery Gang
Hurricane Katrina – Who Benefits?
Phone Companies Sleep with the FBI
Postscript: Articles 57 and 58

* Articles 57 and 58 were believed lost, but surfaced just as the book was going to print. They are,therefore, included in the Postscript

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