Mongoose: Zion Strike 25 – Texas Fires Teacher for Refusing to Sign Pro-Israel Oath

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We do not make this shit up. This is a deepening of Zion Strike Four.

The eradication of Zionist influence over the US economy, US government, and US society must be priority one going into 2020.

Patriots everywhere should carefully explain the difference between Zionism (evil) and Judaism (good).

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Phi Beta Iota: Every patriotic American should celebrate this challenge. She will win. And when she does win, all 23 states  where the pro-Israel oath is required for both contractors and state employees, should have the executive and legislative asses kicked all the way back to Tel Aviv.  We are pleased to report that treasonous legislation and executive actions at the state level that attempt to shut down Americans desiring to boycott Israel have now failed twice in Federal Court. What voters should be doing is firing every asshole that voted for those laws, and the asshole Governors that signed the laws.

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