Zero Hedge: Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, Russian Briefcases Full of Cash and More….

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FBI Informant Has Video Of Russian Agents With Briefcases Of Bribe Money In Clinton-Uranium Scandal

Uranium One is the real scandal.


Frank Giustra was vectoring hundreds of millions of $ into Clinton Foundation. Also was involved with making sure Bill got tons of gibs for speaking fees.

Almost every senior guy is attached to this gravy train.

On the Human Trafficking vector… Epilda Home for Refugee Children in Greece appears to bear symbolism consistent with organized Trafficking.

So “Creepy Porn Lawyer” is linked to these cats.

Alison Lawton

Alleged matrix 5 principle and treasury Solicitor’s ‘ownerless’ goods, b. 29 May 1970 in Montreal Quebec. She is an alleged greek life extortionist of Bill Clinton and Frank Giustra – the man in the middle founders of the $300 million Clinton-Guistra Global initiative; she is a Greek Life oath taker and alumnus of Communications Studies at Concordia University 1995; she joined Investor First Financial before founding Winfield Venture Group, a pirvate equity investment firm along with IdeaPark Ventures in 1997; she married Frank Guistra in 2000 and separated in 2008; she allegedly joint ventured Winfield with CAI Private Equity Group to sell Greek Life investments in syndicated VideoGuard software for film and TV, pig-farm real estate and various abusive KPMG tax-shelter offerings including American Psycho, Fahrenheit 9/11 and cannibal snuff-film content from the ‘Piggy’s Palace Good Times Society’ ; she allegedly used Lionsgate as a front for Greek Life production companies to procure VideoGuard-encrypted images of cannibal feasts at a B.C. pig farm; she allegedly extorted Lloyd Axworthy, former director of the University of British Colombia’s Liu Institute for Global Issues and former Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister – and suspected guest at Piggy’s Palace cannibal feast – into supporting forcible conscription of children in Uganda’s civil war; producer of the Matrix 5 propaganda documentary “Uganda Rising”; she allegedly helps Crown Agents to place Aid workers in Uganda’s SOS Children’s Villages to train orphans to serve as sextortionists, cannibal killers, sex slaves and breeding mothers; she has allegedly helped to create perception of a mercenary cult in Uganda – Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)

Although there is no formal requirement to disclose our donors, in light of media inquiries, we have reached out to those donors who have contributed $100,000, or more. The majority of these donors have provided written consent and are disclosed below. Our remaining donors comprise many one-time donations, most of which are from the over 1,000 attendees at our 2008 Gala.

Frank Giustra
B2Gold Corporation
Barrick Gold Corporation
Canon Point Resources Ltd.
Stephen Dattels
Deloitte Foundation Canada
Endeavour Mining Corporation
Evanachan Limited
Fernwood Foundation
Fiore Management & Advisory Corp.
GMP Securities L.P.
Gran Colombia Gold Corp.
Grifftiths McBurney Canada Corp.
Haywood Securities Inc.
Gord & Katherine Keep
Dr. Sergey Kurzin
Alison Lawton
Sam Magid
New Gold Inc.
Oceanic Iron Ore Corp.
Pacific Coal Resources Ltd.
Pacific Rubiales Energy Corporation
Royce Resources Corp.
Ian Telfer
The Dragon Group of Companies
Radcliffe Foundation
Anna Wallner
Trevor Wilson
Wekerele GMP Holding Corp.
Neil Woodyer

and…. well I found an archive link (I wasn’t happy manually transcribing this one) The best threads get deleted. Usually that’s the place to look. Yes this one had pizzagate stuff in it.

Quality chatter there.

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